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  1. Spqrta

    Spqrta Member

    How long have you been playing Becto:
    I have been playing for a very long time, I don't really know how long though, but its at least 1 year.
    How often are you online?
    I am online almost like 6-7 hours a day.
    What game modes you are most active on
    I play mostly Kitpvp and Prison, I sometimes play Creative and Factions
    Why you are right for the job? How can you contribute to the team?
    I think I would be right for the job because, I played becto for a while and i've decided just now to apply. I am also the age of 14 in a few weeks 15, is that okay? I can contribute to the team by being active and help the other players. I can also contribute the usage of non swearing, hacks, and encourage non-toxic communities.
    Have you ever been banned or muted?
    I have been false banned by the console for [Auto detected] Combat hacks[Auto detected]
    Note: false<-.
    Say a little about yourself.
    I play ice hockey. I live in EST, I am currently a Female, and I am 14 my birthday is in June.
    I play soccer, I still go to school, im just writing everything i can think of in here. I like dogs.
    I have two dogs , They are both Chihuahuas, and they are both shorthairs.
    Image of Level:https://imgur.com/a/tpHjUwd
  2. shaqs_burritos

    shaqs_burritos Well-Known Member

    You are very nice player in-game, but you app seems rushed or you just made alot of grammatical mistakes. Neutral for now.
  3. Boogie

    Boogie Well-Known Member

    It seems like your main point of why you should be staff is that you've been playing for awhile, can you explain in a more detail on how you can help prevent swearing, cheaters, and toxicity? If you were paying attention you would know that being a couple months under the required age limit is allowed as long as you show enough maturity, but I'll be nice and say that could've just slipped your mind somehow. Anyways, your application lacks a lot of detail and you're not active on the forums (you just created your forums account today...) I'd also assume that you're not active within the discord which are all something I'd like to see you improve on if this application is denied. -1
  4. Peepsibabe

    Peepsibabe Builder

    Your application is a complete mess. Like boogie said, you should explain more about how you can contribute. -1
  5. Bloopaloop

    Bloopaloop Well-Known Member

    Your application is short and sloppy. Your "Why you are right for the job? How can you contribute to the team?" is by far the sloppiest. Most of it is vague and is poorly worded and structured making it hard to understand exactly how you are right for the job.

    You have 2 weeks playtime yet have been playing for "at least 1 year" which is low and we also can't proper gauge when you accumulated this playtime. With that being said I feel you're lying when you say " I am online almost like 6-7 hours a day."

    Your restriction listed was from console and you claim it to be false yet did you even bother to appeal it? Most likely not since you created your forum account today.

    As said above you crated your forum account today and your first and only post is your staff application. You also didn't even take the time to link your minecraft account with your forums account before applying. For someone who's played for at least a year it's weird that you'd only create a forum account now.

    Overall you've put in minimal effort when applying. Just reading your application makes it feel like you're confused and that's definitely not a good quality to have in a staff member. It's an easy -1 from me.
  6. Jedz

    Jedz Well-Known Member

    lack of any sort of detail or depth in this appilcation plus no activity on the forums/discord in general as this is your first post and I have never seen you in the discord. -1
  7. MrKittle

    MrKittle Well-Known Member

    Lying in your application is a automatic -1 from me.
  8. Vindigo

    Vindigo Mod

    -1 Your application is far to short and undetailed.
  9. Vindigo

    Vindigo Mod

    Application denied

    Your application lacks the detail and depth we require in applicants.

    Please reapply in 2 months.​
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