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    wallll of text​

    Yay! Becto survival is now 2.0! With this, it means that survival 1.0 has been wiped. For most, it was a chance to play an updated Becto. For me, it was a chance to go. With 1.0 wiped, my link to Becto has been officially severed. I'm not saying that as a bad thing; I'm not saying that I'm not happy with getting wiped. The wipe's good for me anyway. I've been on and off once every 1.5 months just to make sure I can keep my claims. Petty and selfish, but not as selfish as the ones who corner grief.

    My Life

    I'm a simple student from Singapore; I study, slack off and sleep. no wait asians dont do that they obviously study all the time ur a liar. im really really lazy shut up ok. I don't actually know what's the point of this section because I'm not keen on revealing too much anyway. If you were close enough to me you'd know more

    Life on Becto
    It started with a friend of mine inviting me to this game: "hey you wanna play minecraft? it be cool"
    He was also the first in my group of friends to leave the server
    Hop on the server, what do I find out? My skin was some catfishy skin. Along with my old name of xiaoxiaoz, it made my player really... not me. Given my years of catfishing in other Minecraft servers years ago for friendship, I somehow accidentally did it again.
    it's dumb
    also haha vesan
    I started humble, close to my friends. We never really traded, just lived our own lives. There were so many things I wasn't familiar with. Oh my! The joy and anger when I right clicked a log! Why oh why did it turn naked? I can't use this log anymore *toss*. Yeah sure you can diss me that in 2017, 1.8 is actually quite old. In my really weak defense, I played modded packs a whole lot and they're always around 1.7.10. My LAST vanilla version before this was probably horses/emeralds, not sure because modded packs kind of made it hard to tell. Because I'm Asian and the server is not, I'd get beaten up by the log and rock ghost blocks a ton. They'd be running circles around me and I'd never be able to hit them unless I lead a TINY HITBOX, FAST MOVING, ALMOST INVISIBLE enemy by about half a second. Went underground, built myself some kind of an underground place.
    Then bla bla bla normal minecraft stuff iron golem and pumpkin pwarps whatever.

    Soon after my group of friends left the server, but I still wasn't ready to let go of the server yet, so I stayed. Then I met pawintols. Was visiting her pshop when she talked about going for dinner and I was like "/msg pawintols omg are you going for dinner me too". That's when we realised we were in the same timezone, different countries! Yay! Another Asian player! Someone who lags as much as I do! Then from there somehow I befriended Vesan, who was stupid and fell for my catfish he'll lie that he didn't (I'll dig up the discord message if I have to @Vesan). Jetpuffed the cool snek, stormzo the guy who I won against in skyblock while lagging, shadowspartan. Mostly the mod team I think? Some others who aren't for sure, but I forgot the sequence.

    Staff Life
    holy moly what are those pixels??
    After some time, around the time THIS Becto forum account was created, there was a trend of people joining the server staff, Jr. Mod at that time. In the past, to me, it looked like the cool people club. They did fun things together and actually do some good work.
    So I made this account and applied. Reason for getting me on the team was my timezone; Most of the staff are on the opposite end of my timezone, which means I can do the job of modding while they sleepbad phrasing. And I went through on my first attempt!

    Ah right I should talk about applications in the past a little.

    Applications now: age, time spent on server, forum posts required, familiarity with all servers, law abiding, mod approval can help, COMMUNITY OPINIONS

    Applications then: age, time spent on server (somewhat lenient, community may not agree and dissed me a little), lmao i made this account the day i applied check my forum post count, familiarity with servers you MAIN, law abiding, mod approval can help
    you know how backdated our mod team was? WE WERE USING SKYPE. WHY
    There was also things like a test and an interview then, but I don't know how it works now.

    Had fun on the mod team! I... never got to play golf with them because my timezone and sleep cycles don't work too in sync with the others. My boon for joining was kind of my curse. It means that meeting other mods is a little hard and uncommon. Not 0 of course. I joined at the same time as some other guy whose username I forgot, but he had a plan to ban wave and it uh, happened. I felt guilt at that time because I WAS AWAKE AT THAT TIME, but I chose not to mod until an hour after it happened as I was feeling a little lethargic. I had an itching feeling that day that something, someone needs to get a ban that day for something serious and I missed it. To be depended on to manage the server on the off times of others, like a night shift, and to fail it? It was guilt-worthy to me. But hey, the past has passed and unless someone gives me a free time machine, I can't fix that.

    I was a terrible mod, both in the past and present day standards. I was a somewhat sarcastic mod who was only serious when I had to be serious. Something like that other guy probably called Felicette. I personally refused to do the "Cap the first letter of your sentence" thing when I was modding because it looked like mods are always strict, which I felt it shouldn't be the case. Selectively being strict was how I wanted to be. I was also a terrible mod because my PC is absolutely TERRIBLE. Using OBS with an Intel Integrated Graphics Card? Be ready for a world of eye hurt. If it isn't lag at the wrong times, it's pixels melding into each other to create a collage masterpiece that isn't even the original video anymore. It's like recording a gameplay of Minecraft and having YouTube recognise it as ROBLOX. I don't know how long I stayed. 3 months only? I got Christmas presents so it has to be at least a month. I started losing interest in Minecraft in general, probably burnout because I'm such an idiot for playing it so often, modding as much as I can, sniping those bot rushes and hackers on KitPVP so I can feel good about myself then relaxing in Survival.

    Eventually, I felt that I was phasing out of the community itself, and that was when I told the then Manager Soapiee that I got tired of the game in general and that was when I signed off from Becto. It started with a daily hour, then a day a week. It eventually came down to my current state of resetting my 2 month timer so I never lose the things I have built up. Sure, friendships that are built up will fall over time when you never go back to it (which I never did for some people, so I apologise for not talking to some of you in forever), but I could never let go of the things I have built in Survival then.

    Present-er Day
    AND NOW, 1.5 years later from when I probably joined, so many month resets later, Survival 2.0 Beta is out!
    hey you know what would be pretty funny? if i joined the beta as a really inactive player
    "Hey let me join beta survival cause why not"
    "How often do you play the server: once a month probably not sure"

    how does that work

    So through the power of RNG itself, I joined Beta even though I was pretty inactive. Sure, I felt a little bad that I denied someone of Beta, but I'm happy I got to run around to enjoy 2.0 before leaving it when it drops.

    Then 2.0 official was announced. I saw the end to my incessant selfishness.
    And here we are. On a thread of intros and outros. Beginnings and endings. OPs and EDs.

    What I feel about Becto
    To somewhat end off this wall of text, I'll just say what I think about Becto. It's a good server, great really. Sure, there are some PAY2WIN factors, but most things can be gotten freely if you grind for it and ask the right people. Becto is Minecraft's Warframe to me. Some may disagree, some may agree, but your opinion is not mine to judge. I've made friends here, I've made progress here, I've made memories here. Our community can be extreme at times, but they can also have the warmest of hearts. Sure, some can be unrepentant, but an outlier doesn't define the population.

    Honorable Mentions!
    not really honorable coming from me, but whatever:

    The Past:
    pawintols: probably the first person I actually bonded with on the server. omg asia ppl
    SnowTheNerd: heh. not sure how things are like but hope you have a great life. pawin intro
    Vesan: lol why are you here ("cloudeh hot")
    Jetpuffed: snek blelele it was fun while it lasted, can't believe you're still on the team

    xStormzo: one of the first people I talked to when modding. should be because of vesan
    Skizzles: some may not like you, but I enjoyed the times in Becto with you around still. Maybe some still may not accept your presence, but they might have their reasons
    Cloudeh: "vesan hot"
    boogie: booger
    OddOfTheFrogs: quack quack can't remember what but I remember you somehow
    Guthix: Guthicc
    schottl3r: i dont know what's the number after your name now ok sorry
    venerg: how do i pronounce your name im scared of saying bad word no offense but srs
    improudidonthack: icantbelieveithoughtyouhackedidontknowokaymakeitmoreobviousordontdoit
    Kyria: cant remember your username, but hey you were one of the few that I messed around with in the server
    Jedz: oh my why are you here?? dont you have another server to go to? ali-
    flav0rful: hec boo
    CheeseCake1999: how are you the [REDACTED] and technically the same continent though diff
    Cakewashere: i havent seen you in like, forever you lying cake.
    Felicette: h**k I literally can't remember you when you approached me almost as soon as I was about to drop/already dropped mod.
    Sick: discord ppl. i have no idea what your ign is.
    TKRoyal: lmao tyrani-
    cam: your username is hard to remember camalamalamb or something wtf
    NikkiAKAEnigma: also one of the few mods I talked to. fun to talk to, not overly serious iirc
    iBasss: Merry Christmas.
    Soapiee: OH NO I FORGOT TO PUT YOUR NAME IN HERE. Thanks for hiring me into mod! You're a great manager and I can't believe I forgot to put you in here.
    dean142: HOW CAN I FORGET YOU. big troll manager please bully jet more

    The Present (Post-Mod):
    iiDell: lmoa weeb warframe ninja samurai
    LOAFTHELOAF: flavoured processed yeast. also SB keys you dumbo.
    uhsleep: go back to sleep why are you still awake
    Starlynn: cant believe you added me wtf

    There are A LOT MORE PLAYERS/PEOPLE I'M MISSING AND I KNOW IT. But I can't remember because this took me too long to do. I guess you can take this as a list of people that I remember the most up till now? If I forgot you, please don't take it personally and beat up my Minecraft house

    i have monthly (vet) keys that i can still give away in servers other than survival and sb as of now. also have like random garbage if you want them. not like i'll keep it for anything anyway

    and with this, i end my leaving speech (bad drawing ahead)
    including this sentence and the one after: 2047 words + a few others because im editing
    have fun reading lol

    edits: added soapiee and dean or i might die
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