Why I Would Like The Apply For Staff At Becto.net

Discussion in 'Declined applications' started by Minelife, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Minelife

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    Hello. I Love The Becto Server. Especially The Creative mode. I love it so much that I'd like to apply for staff.
    Why? I love your server and I would love to help Improve people's Experience Here. I Can Help People With Questions About The Server, Help Improve The Server By Helping Fix Bugs. And I Can Also Help By Removing Content That Goes Against Our Rules.
    What Time Am I On? I am usually on at times after noon and I get on this server a lot. I can most likely stay on the server from 3-9 Hours a Day. If You Look Further Into This Post, Then I would love to Help the server. I Love Your Server Very Much and have been playing on it since about a year ago. Thank you for reading, And This Concludes Why I Would Like To Apply For Staff On Your Server.
  2. Peep

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    First off, you did not follow the format at all. Please read through the requirements, and follow the format next time. Also, you only gotten 10 hours of playtime in a year of playing? Apparently, you are able to play 3-9 hours a day, so if you are telling the truth and this is actually accurate, then you have only played for 1 - 3 days, not a year.

    Your application is very short, and is lacking detail. Anyone can do what you said you can do. We want to know what you have over other people.

    You are not active in game, on the forums, and on discord. Get your playtime up a lot on all of those and work on your application for next time

  3. Meddi

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    All Of the Above as Stated by PeepsiBabe. Minus One from Me.
  4. Esthesia

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    -1. Format not followed, lack of play time and general activity, minimal detail in application.
    To find the required format when applying, click here.
  5. Felicette

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    Application Denied

    You didn't follow the format (found here)
    Your activity shows that you don't know the server as well as you should when applying for staff
    Your application lacks the depth and detail we want applicants to have

    You can apply again in two months​