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  • Welcome The Tiger


    Jun 15, 2018
    You're honestly Wasting your time
    Hello there I'm SkyHighTiger
    If you actually read this you've wasted some Time when you could be playing Becto I know right shocking how you could be playing Becto however you're welcoming a long lost tiger into the forums however I've been here for awhile now just lurking until I found this thing called intros and outros and when I stumbled upon it I just had to make something that would waste whoever decides to read this is time so The fact that you have actually made it this far just proves you're determined to find out everything I have to say Well that's just awesome that you want to but I don't have much to say because I mean I'm just a Tiger I don't say much however when I do say some stuff it's sarcastic and just rude sometimes I can be sweet sometimes I can be rude however I'm a nice little Tiger if you rub behind my left ear it feels really good there Anyways the fact you've kept on reading and reading is just funny to me now Why are you still reading this like seriously Go hop on the Server and start playing! It's really fun Maybe you'll catch me on Don't forget that you have wasted so much time reading this and I have wasted so much time Making this So I guess at the end of the day we both Wasted our time but Thank you for Welcoming me to the Forums my name is Sky or The one everyone hates on survival Peace. Oh P:S Stop reading it Damn


    Well-Known Member
    Mar 10, 2018
    This made me laugh a bit. Welcome to the forums though its an interesting place here. hope you enjoy your stay c:

    P.S. It's better to be a tiger than a lion if you catch my drift cx