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  • To all Staff about Untextured Blocks (Survival)


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    Apr 10, 2018
    To all staff, what are your takes on the untextured blocks that from my experience, occur on the survival server? Now that we have some new features, I and others have found a way to get these basically at our will anytime through normal gameplay(No glitches)(Though it is a Minecraft bug)

    My thoughts personally are listed below each question.

    Are we okay to sell them on the auction?
    (I can sorta why we cant because the block is a bug within Minecraft from plugins I assume but at the same time, theyre not game-breaking and theyre sort of a unique quirk :3)

    Thoughts on us wearing them as hats?
    (This shouldn't much of an issue at all seeing how it is not affecting the game whatsoever.)

    I can explain in DMs to any staff in case you want to patch this out somehow though I think its a engine thing (IDK) but I have seen it rarely on the previous version of Survival.(Have no idea how they got it then), its just super simple on how to get them now.


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    Nov 25, 2017
    They’re a result of one or multiple bugs and we would prefer you to report any methods of getting them with video evidence so we can fix it as soon as possible.

    Please report the bugs via ticket so other players don’t abuse the bug.