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    I am just a simple person but i have a vision a vison that will change this server forever for the better and the only way to do so i must join your staff and fertilise vision.

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    He's a little confused but he's got the spirit.

    Did not follow the format -1
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    yall hear something?
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    It's not the right fornat, change the format and you'll be good. From what I see you want to be staff, but that's not even any information about yourself. To be staff you have to follow guidelines and tell a bit about yourself, like where your from and what you do on your free time, (besides Minecraft of course!)
    I'll post format here, so you can look off of what you missed here. For now it's a -1 till you change. This also shows you may be lazy or unable to follow directions, which I don't think staff would want a new member like that.


    It is necessary that you meet these before even applying.
    • You have to have been an active player for some time.
    • You must be at least 15 years of age. (Plus or minus a couple of months is fine)
    • You must be mature, patient and fair.
    • You must have an active Discord so that the rest of the staff may contact you at any time.
    • You must be fluent in English with proper grammar and spelling.
    The requirements are important! If you don't reach all of them it doesn't mean you should give up here, but your application better be extraordinary or it would be very hard for us to justify giving you a staff position. Most importantly though: don't lie in your application.

    Application layout
    If you have read all of the above, and meet the requirements, you may post an application in this section of the forums.

    You may lay out your application yourself, just make sure to include all of the following information:
    • Thread title: Your exact in-game username, nothing more.
    • How long you have been playing on
    • Include screenshot of /level - the information displayed.
    • How often you are online for
    • What game modes you are most active on
    • Why you are right for the job? How can you contribute to the team?
    • Have you ever been banned or muted?
    • A little about yourself. (Where are you from, do you study... etc.)
    Any applications that do not meet the mandatory requirements but still apply will be disallowed to ever apply again. Never ask any staff members to check on your application, they will be checked every once in a while. Asking for your application to be checked might have your application closed and declined. Advertising your application publicly or posting it publicly is strictly forbidden and will result in the denial of your application.

    The process
    Now that you have posted your application, you will have to wait some time for it to be reviewed, these are the stages of the process:
    • Stage 1
      This is when you post your application thread.
    • Stage 2
      Your application will be open for other players or staff members to comment on or vouch for you. In this time your application is neither denied or pending, please be patient while others give their honest opinion.
    • Stage 3
      A higher up staff member will make a decision on your application taking in mind the comments of others, after they have made their decision they will move your application onto the next stage as pending.
    • Stage 4
      A higher up staff member will open a ticket for you, this is where the final review of your application takes place (privately), you then have to fill out some more required information and you might get interviewed.
    If you think you have what it takes after reading through this post, create a thread!
    Good luck on your applications.

    To players giving feedback on application, please keep to the following rules:
    • Respect all players, even if you do not like them
    • Do not post trollish comments on applications
    • Do not post 'good luck!', '+1', '-1', 'Reasons above', if you don't have anything to add, please don't reply
    • Do not witch hunt people, checking up on their history is fine, but don't go full on stalk mode
    If your application has been denied, please wait at least 2 months before posting another application- unless you were notified to never apply again: in that case, you may try again in 10 years or so. If you have applied for a staffing position and were unsuccessful 3 times, please wait 6 months before re-applying again.

    You will normally receive a response to your application on Fridays.
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    I have a vision that you are NOT ready for the staff team. Next time read the proper formats.

  7. Lucas S.

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    Oi, I don't want to be negative here, but please next time a link would be better :).

    The application itself is lacking not only the format, but the required detail. Not to mention the title "the visionary" Is in general an improper title(no capitals). We also have not been provided with the username(should be the title). Giving a username helps us determine your playtime, activity, and positivity.

  8. Toothy

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    Hey, I don’t believe you have read the guidelines for applying for staff, you can find them here:
    I think that you should work on your activity your forum/disc account ...
    So I think that's enough to give you a -1
    U are free to reapply in 2 months or whenever u feel ready if u didn't get accepted (which is hard)
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    -1, didn't follow format, and not very discriptive, I am starting to think staff applications are being abused with troll posts, not to start any riff Raff lmao
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    -1 for many many obvious reasons
    Maybe for starters, Use the format
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    -1, didn't follow format, short app, and so many other obvious reasons as to why you aren't ready for staff.
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