Temporary/Possibly Permanent Exit

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    Hi there.

    You're probably wondering why the heck I would post this out of all the people possible.

    This exit has absolutely nothing to do with being declined the staff position. It is rather a lot more personal than you think.

    I have received news this morning that an old friend of mine passed away. I had received multiple phone calls from him two nights before, but did not answer as I was "too buy" playing on the Becto server and was not paying attention to my phone. He did not pass away in peace, and I will not disclose how he left this world. I am currently absolutely devastated so I cannot really think straight. I do not want to affect my peers/friends playing on the server, so I will be staying off for quite a while if not for a very long time to process what has happened and mourn for him. I feel very responsible for his early departure to the next world, so you have to understand why I have all this guilt built up inside me. This is very personal, so I need my time to process all of this.

    I would like to that the staff members that I know best for keeping me company during my journey on the Becto server.

    Vin- You've been the nicest staff member I've met. I can't thank you enough for being such a kind person to someone you barely know. I did enjoy doing all that "free labor" for you on skyblock even if it was a bit boring.

    Dean- Good man, funny , awesome at doing an American accent, quite a silent person but that makes sense with the name you have in-game. If you could do me a favor, please transfer my balance on skyblock to Speckledfox. I want her to have it even if it's not much.

    Jet- You're even more silent than Dean but that makes sense since you have a lot of work on your shoulders with fixing factions and other things. Good man anyway.

    Dell- Never had a talk, but you're a Warframe player so you have 100% respect from me.

    Anna- Really good friend. Darkk introduced me to you and the others, but he quit and Inky got himself banned and so on and I do miss them.

    Bas- Only heard you twice in a Discord chat. You seem like a really nice guy. Keep the server going man.

    Other staff members- If I didn't mention you, still love you guys.

    As to the players on all sub-servers, I love you guys. You've all been really nice to me across my journey on the server and I can't thank you enough for supporting me on the staff application. Even though it was not accepted in the end, it was an honor to help you guys to the best of my ability and try to keep some peace in the chat for you while you were all playing.

    I myself will not be logging back onto. My friend Ellie will have full control over this account so do not expect me to be behind the screen when you see TitanVanguard online on Becto. I will not be replying to or watching any of the posts under this. If you want to post something, feel free to do so. If I do decide to return someday, I will check out the thread if it still exists and read every single reply that was posted. Dean, please do me that one favor. It only takes one or two commands.

    This is TitanVanguard (Christoph) signing off.
  2. shaqs_burritos

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    Great person, sad something like this happened, hoping you can find some happiness throughout this tragic issue. For your friend, I wish them only the best in their next life. Bye Titan, you will be missed.
  3. Skizzles

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    I believe this is a prime example of needing to balance irl with online activity. I hate to say it but IRL is more important but friends online and offline are what matter. Have a safe time and if you ever need a chat my messages are always open.
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  4. Swahzyy

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    Good decision your making, Minecraft will always be here but not your peers.
  5. Piccoman

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    I kind of understand what showy was getting at now.
  6. shaqs_burritos

    shaqs_burritos Well-Known Member

    Ordinarily it would seem attention seeking, but if we trust them that one of their friends died, we should feel bad not speculate and be nasty. Take the benefit of the doubt for once.
  7. Lucas S.

    Lucas S. Well-Known Member

    Deeply saddened that this has happened ;( I hope you bring joy in the life of your own and others. Please feel free to not

    Stay Active
  8. Fgdhsjakskajkdk

    Sorry to hear it! I hope you get better with time. Sad to see you go. It’s been fun having you on becto I hope you come back!
  9. Vindigo

    Vindigo Well-Known Member

    Ah man. It's sad to see you go, so sorry for your loss friend. You have my discord if you ever need anything. And if you do decide to come back, we'll be here to welcome you back. Good luck, hope all is well.
  10. AllyZally

    AllyZally Admin

    Sorry to see you go, thanks for the shout-outs to the other staff members, we appreciate it. I'm sorry for your loss, and may this journey of acceptance be short for you.
  11. Crdguy

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    Sorry to hear what happened. Best of luck
  12. Jedz

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    best of luck bud