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  • Survival Update


    Jan 25, 2016

    Hello everyone, today we are pleased to announce the much desired, official update to Becto’s own Survival Server! Countless hours of preparation have been dedicated to ensuring new content, a balanced structure, and overall enjoyment.

    Watch the video below for a short introduction and what you can expect.

    This was a massive update that has been long in the making with so many changes both big and small that they are hard to summarize. But we will go over the most important updates or changes that you should know about.

    This is a reworked version of our old Survival server which means that it will replace the current version of Survival. Your progress will be reset. The only things that do not reset is stuff that carries over globally, such as your rank, points and server level. The entire map and all of its contents will be reset, your inventory and enderchest will be wiped, you will lose your mcmmo levels, money, and all gained progress.

    We understand that this may cause some level of frustration, but we believe it will be beneficial to Becto and its players in the long run to do a total wipe and update the economy that we have been utilizing in Survival, along with the concept of immersion.

    If you have any questions regarding information that we didn't clarify, please feel free to reach out to any of our Becto Staff Team members, as they will assist you with those as best as they can.

    Protection System

    This update is bringing a complete rework of our classic Survival protection system. The new plugin was built from the ground up and we fixed all issues that players used to have, allowing for easier management of your protected areas, but also more advanced options and settings for your regions.

    • The new plugin allows you to use two different types of protection areas; Small areas and large areas. A small (sponge) region counts 21x21x21 blocks from side to side and a large (sponge) region counts 61x61x61 blocks from side to side. One small (sponge) region fits in a large (sponge) region 27 times.

    • A small sponge is not able to overlap another small sponge and a large sponge is not able to overlap another large sponge… but a small sponge may be placed inside a large sponge area. This allows you to create 'sub regions' inside of your large protected area (such as a mob spawner inside of your city). The settings of a small sponge will override the settings you have set for your large sponge.

    • You can still create the area by simply putting down a protection sponge, it will automatically give your region a name (region###) but you can rename the region easily by clicking the message in chat and typing your desired name.

    • You are now able to list all areas you own (and regions you are added to as a member) and it will show you the coordinates for each of those regions as well. You can also view the info of a specific region from anywhere, by clicking a region in your region list (or typing the /protect region info <region> command), it will show you the coordinates for that region, all of the members added to that region and you can edit the settings for that region by clicking a message in the chat.

    • You are able to create groups for sponges to allow for easier management. Groups are purely used for management of large regions. You can group a load of sponges together and then add members to that group to give them rights in all of the sponges you added to that group, and every time you add a new sponge to the group the members of that group will automatically have access to that sponge too since they are added to the group.

    • The settings of sponges are used to define what you allow outside players to do inside of your region. Members of a region bypass the settings you set. You can set settings very easily by typing the region, or group, settings command and then toggling options on or off by clicking on an item in a GUI (similar to how you change settings on a skyblock island)


    We know that for some, Survival can become boring and repetitive with time. Which is why we have implemented a brand new entertaining and immersive system into Survival. Questing!

    Alongside of surviving, you can choose to face new challenges regarding Quests with an RPG aspect that will grant access to brand new areas, and bosses once completed. Some of these challenges will involve fighting, puzzles, collecting, and utilizing the very skills you can use outside of Minecraft, within it.

    Quests can be accessed by going to /warp quests or entering the portal located at spawn. You can only start quests if you meet all of the requirements for that specific quest, which is noted in the chatbox when you try to begin a quest. To begin any quest, you will need to complete the simple quest tutorial located on the dock next to the boat after warping to the quest area.


    We have also completely reworked our dungeons plugin from the ground up. Which introduces a lot of new features and fixes to previous problems.

    One dungeon map can be played by multiple players (or groups) at the same time, so you no longer have to wait before entering a dungeon!

    In the new dungeons, you get rewarded by killing every single NPC inside of the dungeon, they have special drop tables. And the big reward comes from killing the boss at the end of a dungeon. You can leave a dungeon at any point while playing the dungeon by typing /dungeon leave, but doing so will activate the dungeon cooldown. No matter if you have finished the entire dungeon or not!

    When playing dungeons you will face monsters that can only be found there, these monsters have special drop tables with amazing loot! You get rewarded for killing all monsters, but the big reward comes from killing the boss at the end of the dungeon. You can leave at any point while playing by typing /dungeon leave, but doing so will activate the cooldown, no matter if you finished the entire dungeon or not!

    This update is scheduled to be released on May 31st.

    Be on the lookout for handmade, staff guides regarding some of the new changes involving Survival! Some of our staff members are preparing information in the form of Forum posts, videos, and much more to appeal to all learning types!


    Jul 1, 2016
    Looks amazing. I'm glad to see lots of hard work has been put into this!


    Well-Known Member
    Oct 4, 2017
    Looks like it doesn't even have a tenth of the buttons factions does easy +1.


    Well-Known Member
    Nov 28, 2017
    Lowkey should have been posted by jet yall know he made the trailer and full post anyway.


    Sep 17, 2018
    Lowkey should have been posted by jet yall know he made the trailer and full post anyway.
    The entire Admin team helped contribute towards the post. We all played some sort of part in this process. We're very excited to release, and make this public!

    See you all on the new Survival server :)