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Should Sign Warps be added to survival?

  1. Yes

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  1. Wlyons

    Wlyons Member

    We have all been waiting on pwarps ever sense the reset but haven't got them at all because of how the plugin currently isn't compatible with 1.12.2 so I suggest that we get Sign warps instead because of the fact that sign warps don't go away after a set of time which equals more profit for the people who made it and the people warping there etc while with pwarps theres a time limit and pages get spammed with them. In conclusion I think sign warps would be way better for the survival community.
  2. teasillyy

    teasillyy Well-Known Member

    I think it's a good alternative if in the case that the old pwarps cannot be re-implemented. The only thing I don't like about sign warps are because that they don't go away from the warp list, which spams up the pages when everybody sets one. This making it almost impossible to tell between active/inactive warps/shops, like how it is on skyblock right now. The old pwarps costed to set and while they do expire, it encouraged players to come online to extend the warps durations.

    I think if sign warps were implemented, it would also be a good idea to only allow players to set sign warps in PVP-off regions.
  3. Bas

    Bas Owner

    Player warps will be added in a future update when it has been developed. It is not 'incompatible with 1.12' but it just hasn't created yet. The blockprotect plugin is completely new so the player warps plugin also has to be re-created from scratch. It will take some time :)
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  4. Marvelous

    Marvelous Guest

    Ah. Now I understand why that's haven't been added yet, I have like so many /set homes because of no sign-warps haha.
  5. LillithxXxCloud

    LillithxXxCloud Well-Known Member

    As long as something is implemented to help us players get around! Anything will work at this point.