survival: breaking large protection sponge returning regular sponge afterwards

Discussion in 'Handled issues' started by auns, Jun 12, 2019.

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  1. auns

    auns Guest

    This happened to me twice in a row. We placed two large sponges 1 block off from where they were supposed to be in our grid, so I broke the sponges. There's a lot of delay for the sponges to drop after the region is deleted on the server, and after that was done - when picking up the sponge it had turned into a regular sponge instead of the large protection sponge.

    I didn't record a video of this ( since I didn't realize right away what happened, and large sponges cost a lot ), but I attached the screenshot after hovering over the sponges that were picked up.

    Inventory was 4 large sponges, 18 small sponges, and after I had 2 large sponges, 2 regular sponges, and 18 small sponges.

    During the time, the person next to me was also breaking their large sponges, so it might be related to the lag. I can record a video to try to replicate if some large sponges could be supplied.

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  2. AllyZally

    AllyZally Admin

    We are aware of the lag. I’ve seen this glitch happen a few times as well, and I’ve reported it to the management team. It kind of stinks, but its a waiting game for the time being. Someone is currently working on these issues.
  3. shaqs_burritos

    shaqs_burritos Well-Known Member

    This happened to me, but the area is claimed, so I can't build or place blocks, but others can, even though it was my region, I stopped playing, waiting for the lag to be fixed, then will attack the issue.
  4. Makeb

    Makeb Well-Known Member

    Yeah. That same bug occurred in beta survival. I thought Bas already fixed that.
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