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Discussion in 'Declined applications' started by joloboy20071, Jul 12, 2019.

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  1. joloboy20071

    joloboy20071 Member

    Hello i am Milan i am from the Netherlands .I like to be staff becous i nkow somting of servers.
    I have my onwn servers and i like to help people. I like to built and have some command block skills

    This was my apply

    Have a nice day

    ps. sorry for my bad English
  2. LillithxXxCloud

    LillithxXxCloud Well-Known Member

    You didn't follow the format, the grammar and spelling is atrocious, and you have absolutely no activity whatsoever anywhere. -1 for me. Possibly one of the worst applications (excluding joke applications) I've seen.
  3. QuiteShallow

    QuiteShallow Manager

    Application Denied

    Please read our application format/information before applying for staff. I also suggest you read the applications that have been set to pending to get a good idea of what we are looking for in our potential staff members.
    Main reasons why application was denied:
    Failed to follow the format.
    Grammar issues.
    Failed to follow the standard application creation process.

    Application Information:
    Applications set to pending :

    You may re-apply in two months time.
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