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    Hey, its DoomsL
    My real name is Faris Najibi, and I am sixteen years old. Please mind the difference between age and maturity as there is a very solid barrier. I live in the Pennsylvania, US. I am in eastern timezone and I have had Minecraft since late Alpha and my favorite aspect of the game is building and survival. Recently, I have been trying to expand my horizons on red-stone, and I have made some exceptional progress. I have had a large variation of staff ranks on many servers in the past, and I have lots of experience with plugins and commands. English is my first language (fluently) and I am currently learning Chinese, french, and Arabic.

    Why Me?: I have a high amount of experience with commands and plugins, my building skill is definitely above average, though I prefer survival severs like Becto. I've been on the server a while and I am capable of answering any question asked by users. I chose to emphasize that because I feel it is very significant in my case. I think that trust isn't a question here, but I understand you need details since no one should hire random players to be staff. I also recently started computer technology and coding and so far its one of the coolest things i have ever done!:-D(y)

    Why Should You Trust Me?: I feel like it is a rare opportunity to get a staff position on a server so well made, and I would do anything to get this rank. I will not abuse power or show it by banning players for no reason, I much dislike those people just as much as you and everyone else in the game does. i also am willing to do what it takes to help out the Becto community, even if it takes donating a few there and there.

    More Info: I've been playing for a few months on Becto and I've met a lot of good people. I know the rules well and I have tried as hard as possible to not break any them. I'm on Becto most often, when i get back from school and on the weekends.

    Outside Minecraft: For my career i'm heading towards Neurosurgery and i want to get in the University of Harvard for my studies. I have an average of a 4.78 GPA in my school year, and i'm hoping to continue with higher grades. I currently am employed and im working at a part time job in my dad's family business. I also volunteer at my local hospital.

    I have nothing to say here, except that I really hope you let me into your ranks. I thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this and would be honored to serve under you. Thank you, and cheers to survival.
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    Not 100% sure if player input is allowed on staff applications, nonetheless I'll proceed with telling you guys that DoomsL is an overall very friendly player who doesn't cause any issues on the KitPvP server. I've never seen him get upset over losing gear or losing a fight etc... This says something about his maturity, and even more so because KitPvP is known for its toxicity on our server.

    He's been on the server for a long time and is a moderately intelligent individual, would be a great addition to your staff team.
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    Application seems well presented and easy to read, although there were a few grammatical errors which you could have checked prior to you submitting this application.

    It may be worth you commenting on forums more often as this is your first post and get to know the other players, show dedication and commitment to supporting and helping the community and you should be good.

    Best of luck with your future endeavors

    Kindest Regards
    Steffan Jones LL.B (Hons)
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