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Discussion in 'Declined applications' started by Floris, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. Floris

    Floris Member

    My in-game name is AloneAtValentine.
    I have bin playing on this server for 5 weeks.
    I am mostly online at 7pm until 9:30pm on the Netherlands time line and 6 day a week not on Friday because I then i have badminton.
    I am most active on skyblock and factions
    I think I am suitable to the team because I don't like hackers that much the same for people that just don't follow the rules so i wan't to help the server by banning people that don't follow the rules. I like to help people do if sombody ask me something I will help them only if they don't ask for stuff.
    I have never being muted or banned from the server.
    I come from the Netherlands. I am 16 years old. I have dislexia, ADHD, gluten allergie and I can't grow by myself. I don't use pils for my ADHD because I think I don't have it that much. Yes I can work under pressure and I don't get mad super fast. I exualy almost never become mad. Just did my end exame of P.I.E. (Dutch produceren. instaleren .energie) thats produce . install . enrgie .
    now i am going to do megatronica. I hope this is enough to be able to be accepted. At least thanks for the oppertunity.

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  2. Dymethius

    Dymethius Well-Known Member


    I see you have three days of playtime, which isn't a lot for applying for a staff position. You happened to join the forums today actually, which is a big turn off for me. You don't have any activity on the forums. I like to see forum activity and in-game activity. You'll also need some Discord activity because of answering player support.

    I get you're from the Netherlands, but I would freshen up on some of your English skills because this server requires a lot of communication. Otherwise, you sound like a nice kid, but I'm going to have to give you a -1.
  3. Floris

    Floris Member

    I have discord activity my discord name is FloBroPro#3227 and I didn't think about being active on this forum sorry for that I signed up for this website to aply for staff. And my time would be a lot longer if my dad didn't have a system so he can set my internet off. But i have bin active a lot lately and I like this server and I like to help people so I thought i can try to aply for staff. I didn't wanned to have much perms but only just to help and still be able to play. but thanks for the oppertunity :). I hope that I can become helper someday thanks.
  4. MildSawss

    MildSawss Admin

    Application Denied

    • No activity on Forums prior to Application.
    • Your grammar doesn't seem to be the best, professionalism is key.
    • Low activity upon creation of your application
    • Failed to follow our format. If you can't follow the format, how can we be sure you can follow future directions?
    Re-apply in 2 months.
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