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    So I believe someone has already reported large sponges glitching, but I've encountered many issues with regular sponges, mainly in the nether.

    When placing sponges, it protects everything, but I cannot add players. I tried merging all the regular sponges as large sponges just don't work, but when I grouped them all, it said that there was an "Internal error" when trying to perform the action. I don't know if this is just occurring for the nether. A few minutes after my friend was able to build but not in all the grouped sponge areas.. even though the entire thing was merged.

    Also when placing some reg sponges down in the nether, they seamlessly overlapped one another. Not all the time but, some wouldn't have a space issue between sponges. I would also like to make a personal request that screen or text notifications be introduced once again whenever a player walks through a sponge, this would make everyone's life easier.

    I obviously know all staff is very busy fixing and managing the server, so I'm not going to nag on, and I appreciate the work everyone has done collectively in reviving the server :)

    Thanks guys.
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    Our developer is working on fixing these issues currently. I will inform you once it has been resolved.