Factions Spawners and spawner pickaxes

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  1. Mokaia

    Mokaia Member

    Hey everyone!

    This is my first suggestion here on the forums so i hope i am not alone on this one!

    So i've been thinking about the spawners and the spawner picks lately, and i think its a little wrong that if you buy a spawner and place it, its of course yours, but if you need to move it in any way you have to go spend your irl money on the server, that leaves me with a feeling that spawners just are a little bit stupid on factions, fx if your base gets raided and the raiders are not able to explode your spawners you would have to go and spend irl money to move your spawners to a new base as you of course would not be able to live in that old base otherwise you can just start all over even though you payed for these spawners in the first place...

    So my suggestion is, that if its possible to code, you should be able to mine spawners you placed yourself with a regular silk touch, or just another type of "spawner pick" that you can buy for irl money from the shop.

    My idea for this pickaxe would be like a totally normal diamond pickaxe with or without enchantments. This pickaxe would let you mine spawners you placed yourself but if you mine any other spawners, placed from friends, faction members, or randomly generated spawners you wouldn't get the spawner you would just be breaking a block that gives you nothing the difference about this pickaxe would be that your pickaxe isn't one use only but can mine 1562 blocks just as a normal diamond pickaxe can.

    I hope this will be taken into concern by the Becto staffs for the next season or a nice little mid season update if i am not the only one that agrees on this subject.

    Best regards

    -Breakfast Mokaia
  2. Damocles

    Damocles Active Member

    I would suggest that Spawnerpickaxes should be added to the Vote Crate.
    Maybe with a 5% drop chance.