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  1. SkyHighTiger

    SkyHighTiger Well-Known Member

    How long have you been playing Becto for?
    I've been playing Becto ever since 6/12/18 I have loved every second of it even though the community can be a little wild
    over the past 7 months I've gathered up around 3 Weeks, 4 days, 18 hours, It's a little bumpy I know.

    How often am I online for?
    From Where I stand in my own point of view I wasn't online a lot in October due to Personal issues & just wanting to play other game(s)
    with friend's but after all of that leading into November I became more Active like I used to be before all of that more active as in
    2-4 or more hours in the game.

    What game modes am I most active on?

    I'm was really active on Survival until I started playing KitPvp with my friend's now I just switch between those two and some of the other game modes
    but if I had to have favorites I would have to pick those two then again I do want to start trying some of the other game modes & what they have to

    Why am I right for the job? How can I contribute to the team?

    Myself I feel as if I'm right for the job cause I've worked on many small servers and worked with many great members of those server's to improve them
    of course, in the end, those server's shut down due to lack of funding sadly Hard work and dedication was lost so were much awesome community's but while
    working with those people I got to know them and understand what they like which is what I believe I could do here on Becto I feel like I could understand
    the player's on Becto & really get to know a lot more of the community than I already do My experience with plugins is very dull cause I never really
    worked on plugins or knew how to configure them but I do know the simple thing's like Worldedit, Worldguard, etc The Basic's really I know I can't contribute
    a lot of knowledge around plugin's but I'm only really here for the community to see if I can help out with the experience of me being I guess you could
    say "People person"? I think that'd be the right word for it.

    Have I ever been banned or muted?
    Yes I have been Banned / Muted many time's, of course, I don't say that with pride I actually look back at it as how immature I was for doing the things
    I did rather than being level headed about it.

    8/18/18 Muted for 3 days by Guthix for Disrespecting staff. (This Mute, of course, was valid he did give me a warning and I continued which I shouldn't have)
    8/2/18 Banned for 7 days by LoafTheLoaf for Hacking KA. (I Was Extremely upset this day with Personal issues she told me so many time not to "blow my top" and get banned but I did and I do say I deserved the ban)
    8/2/18 Muted for 24 hours by LoafTheLoaf for Asking to be banned (This one was kind of done by mistake by me not paying attention to chat when she warned someone else, of course, I was saying "Ban Me" as a joke and I never saw her message till after I sent it)
    7/6/18 Banned for 14 days by JetPuffed for TP Killing Base Camping Bypassing. (There was someone TP killing other's and I decided to go see for myself I teleported he hit me first I then hit back tried to teleport away after killing him twice, however, I did break the rules and I won't argue the way I handled it was very immature.
    me bypassing was a complete mistake on my end I was used to Clicking "Direct Connect" and connecting to Becto and I logged in with not one but two alt's accidently and was banned for bypassing until I appealed that and got my ban Reset to 3days.)
    6/25/18 Muted for 24 hours by JetPuffed for inappropriate chat. (I Tested Jetpuffed's limit's which I advise no one should ever do I was messing around and he said not to say an inappropriate word which I said it there for leading me to a 24 hour mute.)
    Needless to say, I did learn from all of it I was very immature now that I look back on it and how I handled situations back then were not appropriate nor

    A little about myself.
    Where do I begin? my name is Logan for what I go by it's a nickname my friends gave me 4 year's ago surprisingly til this day they still call me logan
    and whenever they call me something else it's just really awkward it's like just one of the names I go by :-D I am 14 I Know I am a year off of the required
    age limit but I will be turning 15 in a few months time (5 Months) to be exact I Love being there for my friends family really anyone who needs me
    I like playing video games with my friend's killing time in the call's just hanging out & streaming.

    I Hope everyone has a great day! Thank you for reading.
  2. Karzima

    Karzima Mod

    Okay so here the deal I'm gonna try and stay as neutral as possible because you are one of my close friends. Lets call out the elephant in the room the restrictions. They're bad like really bad but I have noticed a change in your behavior and how you've been maturing since you've been hanging out with me. Personally knowing you I know that you'd try your best on the team and that your're not what people see at first glance. I'm going to +1 you because I know you've matured and are truly sorry for those past restrictions and are not going to do anything to further your list. Over all this was a decent application and impressed me with the work you put into it.
  3. SkyHighTiger

    SkyHighTiger Well-Known Member

    Thank you Honestly so much for the reply I know my past restrictions are bad really really bad however I hope I have changed the way you look at me maturity wise and I honestly hope I can change the way other's look at me as you said "at first glance"
  4. Laminae

    Laminae Admin

    Oh sweet baby Jesus the moment I saw your name I was like..
    "Did Sky really do this right now oh my god."
    I've never clicked a link so fast in my entire life.

    Lets get into business!
    Sky, you and I literally hated each other when we first crossed paths. You -1'd my application and from there, things seemed to only go downhill. You and I butted heads in the chat before I became a staff member, and I can't tell you how many times I ran your name off to Karzima and Boogie before I became a Helper.

    However, after a brief discussion between you and I, we instantly mingled. We actually became quite close, and I even took a problem to you that I was having with another player seeking advice. I feel as if you have matured to quite the viable level that a staff member needs to have. I myself, would be a toxic person towards those whom I do not like if it wasn't for the responsibility I have on my shoulders and the fact I must be a role model for the becto community at all times.

    All of this boils down to yes. You are quite toxic.
    But /everyone/ has toxicity towards people that don't agree with them.
    The thing I look for is how they deal with sheltering/giving off that toxicity.

    You have matured in such a way, because of the fact that you are quick to calm yourself down in a tense situation. You even go as far as to assisting the staff team with reports, and helping in aiding with chat inappropriate messages.
    You continue to report things you see that are intolerable and its handled swiftly.
    If a staff member is not present, you even attempt to calm down the tensity by giving your own, helpful advice.

    Not to mention you are wickedly amazing at catching hackers and reporting it to us. 9/10 they are indeed hacking.

    You have matured.
    You have leveled.
    You have learned.

    Trying to remain in a non-bias point of view, I suppose a few people that are upset with the way you used to uphold yourself have every right to -1 you.

    But I implore those individuals to look beyond the harsh past you have left behind, and allow you the chance to show the Becto community that you have in fact, grown and become far more mature as a person with age.

    Don't let me down Sky, I have extreme high hopes in your performance as a staff member.
  5. Warrior356

    Warrior356 Well-Known Member

    +1 Followed the template also i believe you changed and i think that since you have previous experiences this really helps.
  6. iDell

    iDell Admin

    Alright, as Karzima stated your past restrictions are really bad but I do believe in second chances. I've read over your application and do indeed think you have what it takes to be apart of the team. Another plus is that you do have experience staffing on other servers.
    Therefore +1

    Best of luck to you Sky
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  7. Felicette

    Felicette Well-Known Member

    Where do I begin?

    Your formatting is horrible, the constant line changes when they're unnecessary is tiring on the eyes and annoying to deal with. On top of the line changes, the random capitalization is annoying as well and makes your writing looks childish.

    You should probably be more experienced with more than just Survival and Kit, but that's not the biggest thing it's just me nitpicking.

    Other than your past experience on small servers and you calling yourself a "people person", you've yet to convince me you're right for the job and that you can contribute to the staff team and server in general.

    You've had a lot of restrictions, but you've also missed three. You were banned by console on 8/30/18. Additionally, you were recently banned from the Discord and you were previously muted by Skizzles (albeit was a pretty stupid mute, you overreacted and started to attack him in our dms, which aren't appropriate so I will not be sharing them)

    You were disrespecting staff and hacking only 4 months ago, what's to say that you've not just hidden these actions better? Or that you've matured from them? In my honest opinion any previous hacking offense should be an instant denial. You logged into Becto and bypassed your TP Killing/Base Camping ban not once but twice, on two different accounts, this shouldn't be acceptable.

    You're immature, matching your age, and this application does not do that justice. You should be proofreading applications and checking them for spelling and grammatical errors, which most people can tell you didn't do because there's tons of errors that I mentioned in the first chunk of this reply.

    To elaborate why I believe Logan is still immature:
    You also thought LGBT actually meant "Luigi's Got Big Titties" which I promptly deleted the message then you dm'd me the meme. Keep in mind that I'm not elaborating on anything that has been said while I was talking to you playing a different game or anything else you may have deleted right after posting, which has been a lot as well.

    Overall I'm going to have to give you a -1. Although, I do have some suggestions for the next time you may apply.

    1. Fix the errors, they're a pain to read through and they do not help your maturity.
    2. Rethink how you'd contribute to the time and create valid reasons instead of talking about plugins, stuff you won't really be interacting with differently if you do get staff.
    3. Simply wait and think about your restrictions. These are an enormous part of my negative review of your app and I think if you were to wait and truly mature passed them you may have a chance.
    4. Rewrite your "about me" as it's lacking information that makes people enjoy reading it.
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  8. PigsPaluza

    PigsPaluza Well-Known Member

    Hey Logan, I am just gonna start this reply by saying that I have talked to you quite a bit recently and I like talking to you and I am going to keep this review as unbiased as possible.

    You are probably the most serious person I know who is younger than me. This is probably one of the best qualities that a staff member can display. You are mature and have no problem speaking your mind to anyone. You do have a hefty list of punishments but most of them can be explained by reasons that won't happen in the future. Your playtime is really good and your presence overall in game is pretty respectable. You can lose your temper at times and be a bit harsh but I am certain that you won't let it get to you in the future whether or not you get accepted.

    Overall its a big +1 from me and I wish you the best of luck!
  9. TKRoyal232

    Hey SkyHighTiger,

    I do not know if you have changed or not, I hope you have, but I am going to -1 your application. Like others, I do think you are a good person at heart, though I personally haven’t seen any proof of you improving and learning from your mistakes. What I do know, however, is that I banned you from the discord a couple weeks ago for reasons I’m sure you are aware of. I do not think you matured and learned from your mistakes, in that little of time, to become staff.

    Kind Regards,
  10. SkyHighTiger

    SkyHighTiger Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for actually taking the time to write all of that & Thank you for actually giving me a chance

    Warrior where do I begin with you lmao I just met you and you're already chill Thank you for your reply and I hope we can talk more you seem really cool.

    <3 Dell even though you spelled experience wrong I still love yah <3

    Now you were the one I was most afraid of especially cause I already knew you were going to destroy me Thank you for giving me the suggestions if I do get denied I'll try harder next time I'm glad to see you actually took the time to give me more suggestions & help on it rather than hate. as well skiz and I did work things out, in the end, we made amends I didn't include the discord ban cause I forgot to include it my mistake, of course, I should've rechecked my bans/mutes as well the mute by skiz wasn't really valid I don't assume so so that is why I didn't add it & the console I was appealing, however, I couldn't appeal it in time cause I had to leave to go to Alabama with my dad to help him with work

    Thank you all of you. i know there will be more hate comments then positive comments cause of my previous actions / restrictions as well as the way i've acted in the past but Seriously i wasn't expecting positive comments first.
  11. SkyHighTiger

    SkyHighTiger Well-Known Member

    I Do understand that as said just before I didn't mean to not include it I forgot to include it I'll try my hardest to prove to you I have changed as you said probably not a lot in that little of time however i love trying to make people laugh what happened before with the ban yes was very immature of me to send that meme / inappropriate picture i do apologise for what i did even though apologising with not take back what i did all i can do is learn from that mistake
  12. Bloopaloop

    Bloopaloop Well-Known Member

    Alrighty well @Felicette basically said everything I would have guess that saves me time. Honestly out of all the replies his was probably the most unbiased and constructive as far as criticism goes. People need to look at these applications more objectively and not just fall into emotions because they're friends.

    Anyways moving on, I've never hated you I think the only thing I disliked was when you made comments that were a page long and I had to scroll forever. I've watched your behavior and it has improved over the last month, with that being said you still show a lot of immaturity but like I said it has improved. I think you're taking steps in the right direction but at this point in time I believe you are still unfit for staff. With your history it's going to be a bumpy and long road and I do believe you could potentially become staff, however you're going to have to work harder because of it. I'd strongly advise you take to take Felicette's advice as it will benefit you greatly.

    I look forward to seeing improvements but as I've said at this time I believe you are unfit for staff so it's a -1 from me.
  13. XanHiroki

    XanHiroki Helper

    In my unbiased opinion, you know how to handle things and not deal with people's nonsense, which is something I admire. I also know how quickly you can switch things up which leads me to believe you can (When you want to) completely change your attitude to the server and it's members. So let's just hope that you want to.

    We don't see eye to eye often, but when we do, it's a good time.

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  14. Jetpuffed

    Jetpuffed Manager

    -1, I've seen no changes, especially since your very recent Discord ban.
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  15. Jedz

    Jedz Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately have to agree with the points Jet,Fel and Bloop have made. Although apart from some grammatical mistakes in your app it’s well done, however I can’t ignore your restrictions and other behaviours I have seen as some of them were rather recently. If I can truly see an improvement in the next 2 months then perhaps I may consider changing my vote. -1 good luck though bud
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  16. Hidden_Hacks

    Hidden_Hacks Well-Known Member


    - It seems to me that you have way too many restrictions to the point of forgetting some or you where hiding them.

    - I have never seen you help people in Becto chat, but that could be put down to me not seeing you on other servers than Survival.

    - I have only seen you give detailed feedback on the forums if its a friends application otherwise it is just a
    -1 most of the time. As a staff member it is handy if you can tell the community how they can improve and what they did wrong on staff applications ext.

    - Application is jumpy and has errors throughout.

    - If you get denied do not let it bother you just live learn and improve.
  17. Boogie

    Boogie Admin

    You have changed for the better in some ways but you still have your times of where it seems you've never changed. Recently you have been toxic, inappropriate, and overall immature at times on the discord. You left out your recent discord ban when listing out your restrictions, and you also left out that you were muted by ISkizzlesI which I know you did not forget since you were talking to me about it this morning. Another thing I want to point out is that you haven't been active ingame recently. I think you could be a good staff member but the negatives outweigh the positives at the moment. It's a -1 until I see more improvement.
  18. SkyHighTiger

    SkyHighTiger Well-Known Member

    Thank you I wish you luck as well on your staff application

    Jedz I'll make sure that I take Felicettes suggestions and trust me you will see improvement Thank you so much for replying

    I Do agree with you the other restrictions such as Skizzle's mute on me I found or thought I shouldn't have added it the discord ban however I know I should've added it I just forgot to

    Boogie after you left this morning like 15 minutes after when i finally started making the staff application Xeo was helping me and was making sure I didn't mess up or make a fool of myself though yes I was talking to you about it I just didn't know whether or not I should add it the Discord ban was by far a huge mistake in me writing this I'll try my best to learn from my mistake(s) Thank you boogie
  19. SkyHighTiger

    SkyHighTiger Well-Known Member

    Jetpuffed let me start out by saying Thank you for replying & putting it straightforward, Yes I know my recent Discord ban was for a very immature reason I'm just trying to learn from the I've made mistake(s)
  20. _Cammm_

    _Cammm_ Active Member

    From what I know about you is that you're a nice person, but I have never seen that "side of you" but I think you're nice. +1. Also nice application
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