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    Rent a Shop Information

    Hi everyone! Starlynnn and I have decided since we had an extra shop built, we would open a rentable shops warp. In the warp, there are up to 10 rentable "booths" that you can rent out to sell from. I remember when I was a newer player, I always wanted to open a shop, but had trouble providing a whole shop of items or gaining any popularity, so I think this could work for newer players/players that don't necessarily want to build a whole shop or just want to sell a few items.

    Regular Booth ( 8 ):
    Middle Booth ( 2 ):


    The warp will be at my alt's: 1v1meosu

    /Skyblock > /is warp 1v1meosu


    At the warp, you will be able to see a variety of different booths which anyone can come to visit at the same warp. Each Regular Booth will come with 10 empty chests, 5 empty item frames, and 20 signs.
    There are also two center rooms. Each of these will count as 1 booth. It comes with 7 empty chests (3 regs, 4 dubs), 6 empty item frames, and 14 signs. Although they have less chest space, you would have a room that wouldn't be shared with anyone else whatsoever.
    You're allowed to lay out your shop within your booth however you'd like to as long as no server rules are broken or any items go outside beyond your booth area.


    One Week > 10k
    One Month > 25k

    (You can request the type of booth you can rent, nothing is guaranteed.)

    How will the transactions work?

    Message eli#6841 or Miah#4590 on discord how long you'd like to rent out a booth and your IGN. You would need to pay before opening/stocking your booth. You're able to stock your booth whenever you see me (LOAFTHELOAF) or Starlynnn on and I'll coop you to the island to fill your chests/arrange anything in your booth.
    Once your time is up (We'll remind you 2 days in advance via Discord) you'll either need to continue to another payment or remove your signs/items from the chests. If the items/signs aren't removed within three days of your time up we will block off the chests from the warp.

    Any questions, suggestions, or comments can be on this thread.
    This thread may be updated in the future due to any changes.
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