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  • Skyblock Skyblock Enchant Tokens. Ultra Perks.


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    Jul 29, 2016
    Hola everyone reading this, thanks for taking the time to read this suggestion/talk about skyblock enchant tokens.

    So as most player on skyblock know, enchant tokens are needed. In fact if you play anything on becto you know how important custom enchants and enchant tokens are. With the new way of getting tokens, its next to impossible to grind out max weapons unless you grind from sun up to sun down 7 days a week. I'd like to suggest we bring back ghosts from mining, as there was little to no reason as to remove them from skyblock. Skyblock more than ever is now about mining and grinding, so why was the one thing from last sb (ghosts) that fits that exact playstyle removed. I don't believe it was ever talked about, despite many people asking.

    You could make the ghosts worth 10 tokens to everyone and 20 to ultra, just like the tokens are now. This way the ultra perk is still used, and still in play. I don't see why the ghosts can't comeback, and I'd like to think I'm not alone in thinking that they were much much better for tokens than the system now.

    If for some reason ghosts get veto'd by staff, which if it does I'd love to talk about why that is. Can we bring in the survival way of enchant tokens then. Both those (ghost and survivals way) fit skyblock so much better than the current method of getting enchant tokens. I'd love to hear what staff have to say about this, and if they'd consider switching the tokens. As the one right now, really doesn't fit or work with skyblock in my opinion.

    Next Ultra perks kinda suck. The enchant tokens is good, but that's all we have over god ranks. The other perk with ultra is /fix. Which is you play sb, you know this is useless. Mending exists. I'd like to see more ultra perks that are actually useful. As of right now, not sure what, but I'll gather opinions and edit this post, or make a comment about it when I do think of things.

    I hope to hear back from staff on this thread, as well as other players, so I can hear everyone's thought and opinions on these topics.