Skyblock commands and island scoring

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    Becto Skyblock Guide And Island Scoring
    /island or /is
    This command will show a GUI, this will show what you can do with your island or show information relevant to the island.
    • Goto your island
    • List team members
    • Set your home here
    • Island level
    • List top 10 islands
    • List warps available to other islands for player shops etc.
    • Goto spawn
    • Change biome
    • Challenges
    /island go
    This will teleport you to your island home.

    /island restart
    This will restart your island you only get 3 islands in total do not over use this!

    /island sethome
    This will set your /is go teleport position.

    /island level
    This shows your island level that is used to score your island. You can check "/is top" to see top islands. You can also use /is level (name)

    /island warps
    This will show all island warps that players have setup using a welcome sign. Welcome signs are done as shown below. You can replace "(Description)" with your own text that will show in the warps menu.
    /island warp
    Seems similar to the previous one but you can do /is warp (name) to teleport to specific player's that have setup the "[Welcome]" sign.

    /island team
    This shows your current island team.

    /island invite
    This allows you to invite players to your island, they can break destroy and practically do anything on your island. Be careful on who you trust!

    /island kick
    This will kick a member from your team.

    /island coop
    This gives players full temporarily access to your island.

    /island expel
    This removes coop access and also can kick any player from the island.

    /island settings
    This is your island settings you can enable and disable guest abilities on the island. Island members bypass some of the options. The following settings are.
    • Visitor potion brewing
    • Visitor furnace use
    • Visitors activate pressure plates
    • Visitor beacon use
    • Visitor anvil use
    • Visitor block breaking
    • Visitor door use
    • Visitor animal breeding
    • Fire (This will enable/disable fire use on the island)
    • Visitor fire extinguish
    • Visitor portal use
    • Visitor item pick-up
    • Visitor armor stand use
    • Visitor enchanting
    • Visitor chest use
    • Spawn egg use
    • Visitor animal hurting
    • Visitor gate use
    • Visitor item drop
    • Visitor redstone use
    • Visitor egg throwing
    • Visitor sheep shearing
    • Visitor bed use
    • Visitor monster hurting
    • Fire spread
    • Visitor workbench use
    • Visitor jukebox use
    /island biome
    This allows you to change your island biome.

    This shows the challenges menu, you complete the challenge and get rewarded on what the challenge has to offer.

    /island makeleader
    This grants ownership of the island to someone else.

    /island leave
    This makes you leave the island team that you are currently part of.

    /island ban
    This bans a player from you island. You can unban them by doing /is ban again.

    Skyblock island scores
    Acacia Door: 1
    Acacia Stairs: 1
    Acacia Fence: 1
    Acacia Fence Gate: 1
    Activator Rail: 10 (Scoring stops past 50 rails)
    Anvil: 10 (Scoring stops past 5 anvils)
    Armor Stand: 2
    Bannder: 2
    Beacon: 2500 (Scoring stops past 1 beacon)
    Bed: 1 (Scoring stops past 4 beds)
    Beetroot: 1
    Birch Door: 1
    BIirch Fence: 1
    Birch Fence Gate: 1
    BirchWood Stairs: 1
    Boat: 2
    Bone Block: 1
    Bookshelf: 5 (Scoring stops past 200 bookshelf's)
    Brewing Stand: 20 (Scoring stops past 5 brewing stands)
    Brick: 5 (Scoring stops past 10000 bricks)
    Brick Stairs: 5 (Scoring stops past 10000 brick stairs)
    Cactus: 1
    Cake: 1 (Scoring stops past 200 cakes)
    Carpet: 1
    Cauldron: 10 (Scoring stops past 1 cauldrons)
    Chest: 2
    Chorus flower: 1
    Clay: 2
    Coal Block: 9 (Scoring stops past 100 blocks)
    Coal Ore: 0
    Cobblestone Wall: 1
    Cobblestone: 1
    Cobblestone Stairs: 1
    Cocoa: 1
    Dark Oak Door: 1
    Dark Oak Fence: 1
    Dark Oak Fence Gate: 1
    Dark Oak Stairs: 1
    Daylight sensor: 10 (Scoring stops past 10 daylight sensor's)
    Detector Rail: 10 (Scoring stops past 50 detector rails)
    Diamond Block: 80 (Scoring stops past 100 blocks)
    Dirt: 10
    Dispensor: 5 (Scoring stops past 50 dispensor's)
    Dragon Egg: 150 (Scoring stops past 5 dragon eggs)
    Dropper: 5
    Emerald Block: 75 (Scoring stops past 100 blocks)
    Emerald Ore: 0
    Enchantment Table: 150 (Scoring stops past 3 enchanting tables)
    End Brick: 2
    Enderchest: 150 (Scoring stops past 10 enderchests)
    End Stone: 2
    Fence: 1
    Fence Gate: 1
    Flower Pott: 5
    Furnace: 10 (Scoring stops past 10 furnace's)
    Glass: 2
    Glowstone 1
    Gold Block: 50 (Scoring stops past 100 blocks)
    Gold Ore: 0
    Grass: 15
    Grass Path: 5
    Gravel: 1
    Hard Clay 2
    Hay: 2
    Hopper: 10 (Scoring stops past 50 hoppers)
    Hopper With Minecart: 20
    Ice: 5 (Scoring stops past 100 blocks)
    Iron Block: 10 (Scoring stops past 100 blocks)
    Iron Door: 5 (Scoring stops past 5 doors)
    Iron Fence: 5 (Scoring stops past 100 fences)
    Iron Ore: 0
    Iron Pressure Plate: 5 (Scoring stops past 500 pressure plates)
    Iron Trap Door: 1
    Item Frame: 2 (Scoring stops past 50 frames)
    Jack O Lantern: 1
    JukeBox: 10
    Jungle Door: 1
    Jungle Fence: 1
    Jungle Fence Gate: 1
    Jungle wood Stairs: 1
    Ladder: 1
    Lapis Block: 10 (Scoring stops past 100 blocks)
    Lapis Ore: 0
    Lava: 0
    Lever: 1
    Log: 1 (Scoring stops past 1000 blocks)
    Melon: 1
    Minecart: 10
    Mob Spawner: 0
    Mossy Cobblestone: 2
    Mycelium: 5
    Nether Brick: 2
    Nether Brick Stairs: 2
    Nether Fence: 2
    Nether Wart: 2
    Netherrack: 1
    Noteblock: 10
    Observer: 1
    Obsidian: 10 (Scoring stops past 100 blocks)
    Packed Ice: 5
    Painting: 2 (Scoring stops past 10 paintings)
    Piston: 2 (Scoring stops past 500 pistons)
    Sticky Piston: 2 (Scoring stops past 500 pistons)
    Powered Rail: 10
    Prismarine: 10
    Pumpkin: 1
    Purpur Block: 1
    Purpur Pillar: 1
    Purpur Slab: 1
    Purpur Stair: 1
    Quartz Block: 1
    Quartz Staris: 1
    Quartz: 1
    Rails: 1
    Red Nether Brick: 2
    Red Rose: 1
    Red Sandstone: 1
    Red Sandstone Stairs: 1
    Redstone Block: 10 (Scoring stops past 100 blocks)
    Redstone Comparator: 10 (Scoring stops past 200 comparators)
    Redstone Lamp: 10 (Scoring stops past 200 lamps)
    Redstone Torch: 5 (Scoring stops past 100 torches)
    Redstone Wire: 1
    Sand: 1
    Sandstone: 1
    Sandstone Stairs: 1
    Sea Lantern: 1
    Sign: 1
    Skull: 10
    Slime Block: 10
    Smooth Brick: 2
    Smooth Brick Stairs: 2
    Snow Block: 1
    Soil: 2
    Soulsand: 2
    Sponge: 50 (Scoring stops past 20 sponge's)
    Spruce Door: 1
    Spruce Fence: 1
    Spruce Fence Gate: 1
    Spruce Wood Stairs: 1
    Stained Clay: 2
    Stained Glass: 2
    Stained Glass Pane: 1
    Stone: 1
    Stone Button: 1
    Stone Pressure Plate: 2
    Minecart With Chest: 10
    Sugar Cane: 1
    Glass Pane: 1
    TNT: 5
    Torch: 2
    Trap Door: 5
    Trapped Chest: 10 (Scoring stops past 50 chests)
    Tripwire: 2
    Vine: 1
    Wall Sign: 1
    LillyPad: 5
    Cob Web: 10 (Scoring stops past 10 cobwebs)
    Wheat: 1
    Wood: 1
    Wooden Button: 1
    Wooden Door: 1
    Wooden Pressure Plate: 1
    Wooden Stairs: 1
    Wool: 1
    Crafting Table: 1
    Yellow Flower: 1

    Skyblock General Info

    Island Size
    Island size is defaulted to 100x100. Veterans rank gives an extra 25 so the new limit will be 125x125. GOD rank will add an extra 50 blocks to the original size which will be 150x150. Island sizes can be increased by purchasing them on the store here.

    Crates are found in /spawn and towards the right. Common and Uncommon keys are obtained from killing spawned mobs on your island. Rare crate keys are obtainable by the vote crate and lucky votes. Epic keys are only obtainable from the store or pointshop. Mystic crate keys are obtainable by doing /swapkeys, this swaps 20 vote keys for 1 mystic key which gives 20 rolls of the crate.

    Sneaky Keys
    Sneaky keys are obtainable by killing the boss called Sneaky. To enter the dungeon you will need to find a mystic token in the member farm, you need to kill mobs within the farm area to receive the mystic token. The member farm is located behind the mob grinder. Do /warp grinder to find this.
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