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Discussion in 'Declined issues' started by bubblesnbugs, Mar 13, 2019.

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    So 1. I wanna say the whole sale has been a bit shady, as in the store it says 60% off across the store! and then below says that it only applies to level boosters.. And in game, if someone were to buy a rank, which is 25% off, it says to everyone in chat that they got 60% off a purchase, which is just flat out wrong..

    But to the bigger issue, sometime, I think a few days ago, stuff got more expensive, however it still shows the same sale on the shop? For example, a MCMMO 7 day double booster, is supposed to cost $5 and be 60% off. That comes to $2. Its currently $2.60.
    a God pickaxe (maxed) is supposed to be 24.90 and be 35% off, which comes out to around $16.18, but is instead $17.43.

    Please look into it, thanks.
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    The store mentions the sale is up to 60% off, the in-game message was cut off a little bit to only make it take up one line of chat in-game instead of multiple.

    We adjusted some prices to that the tax is automatically applied on the price of the package on the store.
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