Server Reset (Survival)

Discussion in 'General' started by 10scorpion19, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Dtom13

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    I've put a lot of time into Survival; I've spent many hours building up my money and stats, and I've even built an entire city. It's been so much fun creating Vallaka city, and more than a dozen other players have contributed to it over the years. Even when I was gone for a year, I came back and lots of other people had added on to the outskirts of my city without me even knowing. And it's not even nearly as big as it could be, as I want it to be. You don't really get that sort of cooperation and massive development in a server that resets every time that Minecraft is updated.

    So NO to reset, but potentially YES to update if it's done correctly. In certain other servers, there is not a reset, but rather when a new edition comes out, the world borders are expanded to allow for new chunks with new resources. This could be a potential for Becto Survival. Maybe /wild could be changed so that it takes you to the new chunks, further away from spawn. Then everyone has a place to gather the new resources. That's how a lot of other servers do it, so that they can keep adding new players while not destroying the work of long-time players.

    Or, simply create a new server and leave the 1.8 as it is. A lot of people still play 1.8, and having that sort of vintage server could enable Becto to serve a niche market. As I recall last summer, there were sometimes upwards of 200 people, even three years after 1.8 came out.

    Even with a car payment, student loan payments, and huge medical bills, I'd still gladly pay $50 to keep the current server from being entirely reset.
  2. Lucas S.

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    I don't oppose having a separate server up for the 1.8.8 survival, but it most likely will not happen. Skyblock got wiped & I suspect that survival will be the same if it were to ever be updated.
  3. SkyHighTiger

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    I'm all for the reset
  4. guthixUll

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    When you join a community server you should expect it'll be reset sometime eventually. For the people complaining about their builds take pictures record it if the server ever resets. the server got stale after a year of playing it, updating and resetting would bring in new materials and things to do. builders never stop building.
  5. Skizzles

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    I think a server reset but the old survival world gets put in as a world in creative where people can build onto their builds. This would generate players on creative and survival. Then if it ever reset again it would replace that old world, that old world has a download link, and rinse and repeat.
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    lol, discussion began Dec 16, 2018. For now as he said the staff is not scheduled a reset .. I must say that after months respond those who really play on survival wanting the reset. "Irony" <3