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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by WebPlayz, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. WebPlayz

    WebPlayz Well-Known Member

    Hey, So basically, I was thinking about 6 new chat groups that could be added on the forums!
    It'd be really cool to have chat groups for seperate servers because say, Instead of spamming 8 times in the chat to advertise your auction, You could just post it on the forums of the server you were posting on! Also, It'd help us get to know each other more and become friends ^_^

    This is the list of the chat groups that should be added -

    ( Blue is if its a Neutral game mode
    Red is if its a Hostile game mode
    Green is if its a Passive game mode )

    Creative - A chat group made especially for Creative.

    Factions - A chat group made especially for Factions

    KitPVP - A chat group made especially for KitPVP.

    Prison - A chat group made especially for Prison.

    Skyblock - A chat group made especially for Skyblock.

    Survival - A chat group made especially for Survival.

    Obviously, The staff team have more important things to fix, But I'd like this to be thought of, Because a lot of people say they only play for the community.

    Anyway, Have a good day!
  2. uhsleep

    uhsleep Well-Known Member

    i remember when shoutbox chats were a thing on every minecraft forums page years ago.

    i don’t feel this is a great idea as with the accounts that were made to troll becto forums, which would cause the chat boxes to easily be abused. i think if this were to be implemented then it should be until all of that finally blows over. or if it is accepted, it should be so that only forums accounts with their minecraft accounts /linked can send messages into chat boxes (if possible that is).
  3. WebPlayz

    WebPlayz Well-Known Member

    Yea, Maybe this could be added when the troll accounts finally go away? Also, If they had their Minecraft account linked that'd be good because it wouldn't be fully anonymous.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  4. Juleah

    Juleah Well-Known Member

    i like the idea, but the green is kinda hard on the eyes, maybe a dark green. i also think bas has wayyy more important things to handle rn like resets and stuff. maybe in the future though it would be a little fun. and yes for sure agree on the /link thing and maybe only for active members that haven't been recently muted/banned to avoid toxicity and it can be an incentive for people to stay out of trouble possibly or something idk but i have a feeling ppl who troll won't care about it and they'd continue to troll- so i'm not sure.
  5. shaqs_burritos

    shaqs_burritos Well-Known Member

    Just talk in discord