Factions Season 7 Suggestions

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    This season has been fun but there are many aspects that need to be balanced/improved. In my opinion, one of the biggest problems has to do with spawners. This season the only ability to mine/collect spawners that have been placed is to use the Spawner Pick, which is one time use. These picks can only be used in the land of your faction or the wilderness. This prohibits those raiding a faction to get the spawners from the base they are raiding. As a faction player, I would enjoy raiding and would do it much more if there was a way to fix this problem.

    -Next Season, Creeper Eggs should give a percentage chance for the spawners they blow up to drop.
    -There should also be different types of creeper eggs that either cause a bigger blast radius(charger creeper eggs) or give a higher percentage of the spawner(s) dropping (Lucky C-eggs)

    -Another suggestion is that if the /back cooldown is implemented, that it not be in effect if the death occurred in either the end/pvp arena

    -If the server does not give out prizes for the top 3/5 factions, then they should atleast provide short term and sizeable store discount for the members of each faction (it would attract many new players if perks/prizes were added to those factions

    -I believe either the rank kits or cooldowns should differ

    -Invaders should get at least one more home than veteran(14 or more)

    Please add any addition suggestions below!!