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Discussion in 'Declined suggestions' started by Lohr, Jun 12, 2019.

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  1. Lohr

    Lohr Active Member

    Why is recording needed to prove that someone breaks the rules? Earlier me and two other people were TP killed by menorxitoh and they BRAGGED about it in public chat. I took screenshots of the event and told jetpuffed, who said without video they can't do anything. You're telling me in order to punish someone breaking the rules and not only acknowledging it in public chat, but bragging about it you have to record it? They get off scott free? So I can TP kill, scam, steal, do anything I want and if the other person isn't recording everything 24/7 I face no punishment? This is by far one of the stupidest rules, most of the people playing are children anyways and don't even know how to record. You're screwing over a huge part of the playerbase simply because photographic evidence somehow isn't enough? I even had a friend, Wlyons, lose 10 epic keys because of a glitch that has been proven real and has taken screenshots of it not have the keys returned because "there was no video".

    In summary, change the rules to allow screenshots as evidence, as it is undeniably solid proof. The current rule requiring video only is ridiculous.
  2. Peepsibabe

    Peepsibabe Builder

    How are we suppose to believe someone when they say they've been scammed with no video evidence. Them bragging that they scammed you is not evidence in any way. Some people are just immature, and just say stuff like that in chat even when they don't actually do anything, so you want us to ban them and risk it being false? I don't see how screenshots would prove how a glitch made you lose your keys, or anything. Thats why we ask for video evidence.
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  3. Bloopaloop

    Bloopaloop Well-Known Member

    Last I checked there was no "rule" in place for what you're stating. What's required is sufficient evidence, your problem is you didn't have sufficient evidence. Next time be more wary when it comes to these types of encounters, you can't hold staff or the server accountable for you getting tricked when you can't even provide the required evidence needed to punish the player. Take this as a type of lesson and learn from it.
  4. Ralph12322

    Ralph12322 Well-Known Member

    Video proof can be really important because you don't want people to frame others for things they didn't do and get them banned.

    but its also kind of unfair for the people who can't record because of their crappy PC's/Laptops (like mine).
    but thats ofcourse not a problem for Staff and all your problem.

    I know it can be really frustrating if you someone cheating or breaking the rules, but if your evidence isn't good enough, its probably not even worth reporting.
  5. AllyZally

    AllyZally Admin


    I’m going to deny this for the following:

    We ask for sufficient proof when dealing with rule breakers. The evidence you provided was likely not near enough. Also, we don’t apply restrictions for people who claim they are breaking rules. If you witness someone hacking or tp killing - get screen shots of it happening at the time!

    My suggestion.

    If you can, use your background video recording software that if you have windows 10 (which.. you really should. It’s offered free at this point.) by pressing Windows+G. Just enable it for 1-3 minutes and it won’t make your computer lag.

    If video sharing isn’t an option.
    Download a mod like 5zig that allows you far more chat lines, so I’d you are TP killed you can screen shot not only your death, but the tp request.
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