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    How to report server issues

    You may create a thread in this section to report issues you've experienced on the server, please follow these basic instructions though.

    What to include in your report
    When you report an issue, please always try to include as much information about it as you can. The following information will help us solve the issue quickly:
    • The server the issue occured on
    • A step by step explanation to recreate the issue
    • Screenshots or video showing the issue
    • All information related to the issue
    You may suggest a solution to the problem, but it might be fixed in another way.

    What kind of issues to report
    You may report issues like server lag, bugs or glitches. If you wish to report another player, please open a ticket at

    Never report issues that are clearly related to your own client, make sure that the issue you are experiencing is something we can solve, not something that is related to your internet connection or computer.
    Thanks for helping to make the server a better place!
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