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    Hello all, due to the influx of newer players, I thought a guide just on profit shopping would help out all the new players, and be a much easier way of telling them how to do it, by just sending them the link to this thread rather than explain them all in chat. I'll be keeping it quite short as to not have it run on forever and be hard to follow.

    I mainly play skyblock, but I'm pretty sure all profit shops are the same across most servers.
    They will be put in order of least amount of profit to be made, to most.

    Cactus: So cactus is the most simple profit shop there is. You simply get cactus, and sell it in /shop. It is located under the Decorations section of the shop. Simple enough right :).

    Pumpkin: Next up is pumpkin which is not as complicated as it sounds. You buy 576 pumpkins or 1 full row in your inventory. With those pumpkins craft them all into seeds, this should fill up your entire inventory with pumpkin seeds. Now enter /shop, click on the Materials section, (The stick) and sell all the seeds there for profit.

    Slime: For slime, you will buy as much slime as your inventory can hold. After doing that, craft all the slime balls into slime blocks. Now you are ready to sell them in /shop under the Decorations section.

    Iron: Last up is Iron. Iron is the best profit shop. You buy as much Iron as your inventory can hold. Then craft all the iron into iron doors. After you do that, go into /shop and sell them under the redstone section of the shop, for the profit!

    Those are the main types of profit shops you will see on Becto, if you have any questions or I missed something that I should add, please let me know with a comment.

    Thanks you for reading and sharing this guide.

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    Thank you for this helpful guide fishy! I appreciate it!.