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    I've noticed a main concern for those in the upper ranks, bored, and wanting to try something new. A lot of us have ranks, since we dedicate so much time into the server, and most of us agree on one thing. WE NEED RANK MINES. The fact that we spend $140 on god rank, for more convenient commands, and a multiplier is ridiculous to say the least. Something nice would be either A) Have individual mines and shop for each rank that scales appropriately. 8-) Separate mine areas that we can buy apart from ranks. Or, best of all C) Both. Most other servers have implemented one of these features, and I've played on over 50 prison servers since 2012. I think this addition would refresh the Prison server with these cool additions.
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    So basically you can pay your way though to good mines instead of having to actually progress is what you're suggesting. What I mean by this is you can purchase God rank and instead of mining a-z it's prices and what you can mine would be higher than what you'd normally get in the ranked areas. Overall I'm highly against this we already have an issue with people being flooded into prestige 1 and Z this would just speed up the process for players to get there and I can't imagine the ranked mines being more profitable and if they were it would be an even more unfair advantage.
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    The whole premise of ranks is not to give you an advantage over other players but to give you a better gaming experience. I think we have overcomplicated and assigned expectations to ranks mainly because we call them that. Ranks aren't really supposed to be purchased for the ranks but it is supposed to be a gift from the server for donating. Aside from this those who are less fortunate and cannot purchase donations would be discouraged from trying these sorts of things and hence the server would lose traffic and may even degrade your own gaming experience.
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    This would make the server pay to win, something that I admire becto for not having done. Just mine like the rest of the player base.