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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by BorderPlayz, Jun 18, 2019.

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    So I was thinking and I thought of an idea where there would be a player reports section on the forums. (basically the same as ticket player reports) And it would be related to how staff applications work. (basically they post a video of someone hacking or something else.)

    As an example, if someone recorded someone hacking they could get opinions from staff and players as like 2nd opinions in a way because staff aren't exactly always accurate with banning cheaters and I think 2nd opinions definitely would be helpful in some cases.

    Now of course not all types of reports should be done through there but I think reports for cheaters should 100% be done through a player reports section on the forums.

    To anyone thinking that it wouldn't be necessarily fair to show names of those who report on the forums maybe there could be a way to have anonymous names? idk let me know what you guys think.
  2. Bloopaloop

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    Sounds like an extremely stupid idea. There will be a ton of brigading on those threads and it will create a huge amount of toxicity. Just the player getting banned in the first place causes toxicity towards their friends, faction members etc. Take factions for instance one player reports another from a different faction both factions then argue on a thread and it creates animosity and toxicity.

    In all honesty this suggestion just looks like you aren't happy with how staff are handling player reports. I'm willing to bet you or a friend of yours has reported a player(s) and are unhappy that no action was taken against them. There's a reason there's such a thing as staff and it's so they can carry out their work that they are currently doing they don't need the public's help. -1