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    First Hi u all thx for reading my suggestion
    Ok then .. During the time I played in becto I had this problem and a lot of players did as I think ... u sometimes type the money u want to pay in a false way I mean like when u type /pay name amount .. u may add a zero to the amount and lose money like that ...
    Soo I got an idea then ... Why not (if the managers can ) add something like when u /pay an amount more than 1 Mil .. u get like a msg in ur chat saying '' are u sure u want to pay (amount) to (name) ? .. and u need to type 'yes ' to send it or 'no' if not (some players told me this command exists in some gamemodes and I am not sure about that ) ... There are 2 possibilities as I think . To make it on a specific amount like per example if it's higher than 1 Mil in survival I have to confirm it in chat .. or to make it for any amount of money than u gonna pay even it's 1$ And I think that gonna help with reducing the money spam that some players doing like spamming (/pay name 1)

    That's all what I got I will be happy to get ur opinions about that ...
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    I dont know if this works on becto but you could try doing instead of trying to pay someone like a million (/pay (name) 1000000) you could do 1E6 (/pay (name) 1E6. 1E6 means 10 to the power of 6, which is a million. Or it means 1, followed by 6 zeros, which is also a million. A billion is 1E9, 2 million is 2E6, i think you get the point. That would make it harder to send the wrong amount, but of course spam would be a thing, but I dont think that is that huge of a problem in the first place. Also, (example: ) if you wanted to send 1,250,000 to someone, you could do 1E6+250000, which at that point it is just easier to type 1250000, but you get the point. Hopefully this works on becto, i know it works on some other servers
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    Just be more alert and careful when you pay a person a large sum. You could also always use the auction house and have someone place a trash item for the amount you wish to pay them then buy it. Either way I feel this is more of a personal issue if you miss price something or miss pay someone. Just be more careful.
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    Thx u for ur comments but I mean this thing happenq not just to me and the '' confirming '' command already exists in Skyblock as some players told me Soo why not have it on all the servers ?
    ====> Safety first :-P