PART 2: Deathrow: The Rise and Fall:

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    MrNewsMan here with the final chapter of Deathrow: The Rise and Fall:

    PART 1 HERE:

    PART 2:

    3 weeks after the War on Rogue. Petty power struggles began to emerge within the ranks of Deathrow. Some members desiring higher ranks, others outright disagreeing with how the faction was being run. Most felt that their leader ISkizzlesI did not even bother listening to them. Which caused tension and distrust within the faction.

    It was the perfect climate for mutiny.

    Following this tension, Deathrow was struck again. This time by P0iSoNeD_CANDY himself. The former leader of Karma. Who had grown tired of how ISkizzlesI was running the faction.

    Him and a detachment of others (including player tagathon) rebelled from the Faction and took several spawners and other valuables from Deathrow with them. Forming their own Faction known as Almighty.

    When this treason passed ISkizzlesI ears. He demanded their heads.

    He sent 8 raiding parties to attack a vault that used to belong to Deathrow. Now overclaimed by Almighty.

    Upon arrival at the former Deathrow claim. The raiding party's found it empty.

    And from what they described as "seconds later" a discord alert went out. "BLAZES ARE UNDER ATTACK GET YOUR ASSES ON NOW"

    Surely enough Poisoned and Almighty were tearing the place to bits. What nobody knew was that Candy had set homes inside most of Deathrow's claims just before he left.

    So ISkizzlesI and 6 others began a defense of the Blaze spawners.

    In the end Candy and Taga were driven back. And Deathrow held its own.

    But the damage had been done. Even worse was what was going to come of this fight.

    Members of Almighty were forced to fight Deathrow members during this battle.

    As you may know. Many Deathrow members fled to serve in Almighty. Leaving many friends behind. So when the battle for the blazes took place. It was friends fighting friends.

    With Friendships broken and and trusts shattered. Deathrow was for the first time broken.

    Many argue that this was the true date that Deathrow died.

    But what continued from there. Things only got worse.

    ISkizzlesI demanded that all allies of Deathrow must enemy Almighty and help put them down.

    This did not sit well with ISkiz's allies. They informed him that they too had friends in Almighty and that they'd be remaining neutral in the fight.

    This enraged ISkizzlesI into a blind fury.

    Proclaiming that any who did not side with Deathrow would die with Almighty.

    He began to enemy nearly every ally they had. Causing even more divide within the ranks of Deathrow.

    Many members of Deathrow following this incident were either kicked from the Faction or abandon it.

    What many saw as a tragedy. Some saw as an opportunity. Such as the remaining members of Rogue.

    In their absence they had been gathering evidence to expose Deathrow's false flag attacks from earlier in the season.

    When Rogue leaked the information it took to the server like wild fire.
    The faction everyone thought of as "Heroes" were nothing more then a group of war mongering criminals. Hungry for power and riddled with corruption.

    Almost Immediately after the leaks. Faction after faction began to resist Deathrow. Either by ending trade deals or severing allied ties with them. Some outright called for attacks against Deathrow. Many did outright attack Deathrow.

    This caused Deathrow to go on a server-wide purge spree.

    ISkiz had launched what would come to be known as "Operation Takeover".
    An Operation in which he'd purge every faction he could get his hands on and steal their resources.

    With the loss of Public support. ISkiz saw no reason to keep these small factions around any longer.

    So he sent his cronies out to take them down one by one.
    The operation was lead by players Lucyloo and PoopSticks.

    Who would go from base to base across the map and wither them to the ground.
    They'd often bully smaller factions into handing over their valuables or be raided by Deathrow.

    To ensure they did, Poopsticks would go out and find the factions cords before threatening them. Then private messaging the faction their own cords as proof they would raid.

    The Operation was a complete success. To the dismay of many players.

    A few weeks had gone by, and even more internal struggles erupted from Deathrow.
    3 Officers were expelled from the Faction for reasons unknown.

    Just days later a change in Deathrow's Leadership came.

    A shock to the server. The Leader of ISkizzlesI not only stepped down as leader of Deathrow, but he was permanently banned as well. Currently the reason for his Perm Ban is unknown.

    Leadership was handed over to Lucyloo by ISkizzlesI. Who had commanded it via their discord server.

    The decision was not taken lightly by other members of the Faction.
    Who were fiercely loyal to ISkizzlesI.

    Without ISkiz to lead them the faction quickly fell into dissaray.

    A state of emergency was issued by the public speaker for Deathrow. In an attempt to maintain order, declare martial law was declared.

    Anarchy ensued in the ranks of Deathrow. People left and right abandoning the faction taking whatever they could and leaving.

    People were literally in the halls of Deathrows F Home fighting each other for what resources were left. Some trying to kill fleeing members for desertion and others just trying to get out.

    What followed was absolute chaos. Factions left and right began attacking Deathrow's claims all at once.

    They were forced to fight on all fronts, at the same time as fighting each other.

    Within the next Hour. High command of Deathrow came to a final decision. After holding council with ISkizzlesI on Discord they all came to the conclusion to fully evacuate from Becto, and leave no trace of Deathrow's existance behind.

    The few remaining Deathrow members began to gather their valuables.
    Burning the last remaining FTop.

    2 hours later every single base and build was completely abandon.

    And just as quickly as they rose to power. Deathrow was gone.

    The few members of Deathrow who were still loyal to ISkiz fled Becto with him. Others are currently either in hiding or on the run.

    Many ask where they went.

    And there are bounty's on the following listed as "Wanted/At Large".

    PoopSticks is currently at large for his war crimes.

    8East's whereabouts are currently unknown. He is wanted for war crimes.

    LucyLoo is currently at large for her war crimes.

    Frosty_Snow_Man is at large for war crimes.

    HeyImBorder is at large for war crimes.

    SauceMeUp is at large for war crimes.

    KINGRIEVOUS is at large for war crimes.

    Sgt.Sandwich was acquitted of all charges.

    TheRealQueenKay was acquitted of all charges.

    TheBeastMiner32 is wanted for war crimes.

    IRekts_ is wanted for war crimes.

    danielmain is wanted for war crimes.

    TKRoyal232 is wanted for war crimes.

    Trlstin is wanted for war crimes.

    The rest have fled Becto with ISkizzlesI or operate through alternate accounts.

    And there you have it. That is the story of how Deathrow came to power. And ultimately fell.

    Any information as to the bases/locations of wanted players is greatly appreciated.

    If you have any information please direct it to the factions of Squids, Elixir, or Fruittoots.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Have a great day and thank you everyone.
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  2. Felicette

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    90% of this is false information and just trashing a dead faction.

    He was banned for speaking about Bas on stream.

    He's currently creating his own server, in which he's already gotten 90% of Survival done and Factions is close behind.
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    this is 2 funny hahAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA
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    you'll never take me alive
  7. Boogie

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    haha when you were in Deathrow and not on the list. 8-)
  8. TKRoyal232

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    No bogoie a lot of other people were, but just the important ones made the list 8-)
  9. Boogie

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    hey guys, I have the cords to TKRoyal232's base.
  10. Meta Knight

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    share them with me, ill make sure to have the place destroyed :^)
  11. Bloopaloop

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    Good meme, you have a better chance of getting a mod in his faction to unclaim all than actually raiding it.
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    i know this is rather old but like wtf lmao. also if you guys haven't realized by now. this is obv kingrievous.
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    Please do not Necropost.

    Can i get a lock?
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    Said like a true hero.
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