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Discussion in 'Handled issues' started by Kaylem2000, May 30, 2019.

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  1. Kaylem2000

    Kaylem2000 Member

    so I've been playing creative most of the time but when I am building I am having crazy packet loss and I am right next to my modem and I'm wired and on other servers I have almost to none of packet loss and its incredibly annoying when I'm trying to place anything because I'm having to click almost 100 times to place 3 blocks and with only 6 people online at that moment! so I'm just checking in with you guys to hope you can lessen the problem thanks guys and keep up the good work :)
  2. Peepsibabe

    Peepsibabe Helper

    Next time this occurs, do /tps. If the number is high (green), that means the server has no issues, and there is something wrong on your end. If the number is low (orange or red) then it is the server. If it is not on your end, I hope we can get this fixed soon.
  3. guthixUll

    guthixUll Well-Known Member

    Packet loss is either due to your equipment being damage, your ISP, or your ISP's network pathing. Here's some tips to maybe help solve packet loss.

    1. make sure your modem is plugged into a wall
    2. change the port your Ethernet cable is plugged into
    3. restart your modem (unplug for 30+seconds then plug it back in)
    4. Call your ISP and tell them about your packet loss it could be from a faulty modem
    5. Change Ethernet cables, make sure all your cords are not damaged

    :) hope this helps
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