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7 days reset the prize. 28 days (4 weeks) end the prize

  1. 7 days reset the prizes

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  2. 28 days (4 weeks) resets the prizes

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  1. Dash

    Dash Well-Known Member

    Dear Becto Community,

    When you first log into becto there is a rewards NPC in the hub that givea you 1 point and 100 XP. Now even if you use this NPC everyday the rewards do not increase. I think that you should be rewarded for logging on everyday and that the person that has been logging on for a week gets a better daily reward than someone who logs on once a week.

    So when u click the NPC you will have to select you’re favorite server. Then you will claim the daily prize.

    Day 1: 1 Point, 100 XP
    Day 2: 2 Points, 200 XP
    Day 3: 3 Points, 300 XP
    Day 4: 4 Points, 400 XP
    Day 5: 5 Points, 500 XP
    Day 6: 6 Points, 600 XP
    Day 7: 7 Points, 700 XP
    ...... etc.

    Now to Encourage the most Activeness, this will continue until day 28. If you get can get a 28 day streak, you will receive an openable the next time you enter the server you selected as your favorite. Now the openable's rewards will be based off of the online store for that server.
    So say I set Prisons as my favorite server, when I reach a 28 day streak, the next time I log into Prisons there will be an openable in my inventory. I will have a chance to get any item/combo/deal that is on in the Prisons section.
    (All with different chances to win, so a god combo will be 0.05% chance while a god sword will be 1% chance)

    If you vote 7 days resets ur streak, there will be no shop rewards.

    Thank you for your time.
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  2. Bloopaloop

    Bloopaloop Well-Known Member

    There would need to be a set point at which the points and xp you gain from the daily reward stops and doesn't rise higher as it would just be too much. As far as the "openable" this is a very bad idea and I'm highly against it. Even with the chances low I still believe you shouldn't get store items from it. Not to mention it would be difficult to configure. I do however think that maybe some rare or epic keys would an appropriate middle ground for the reward instead of the openable.

    All things said this isn't a bad idea and I wouldn't mind seeing it added in, if done correctly.
  3. Jetpuffed

    Jetpuffed Chief

    This is actually a great idea, however there are some things I believe should be modified. First, I don't think it should reset at day 28. I think it should go on indefinitely and even have a leaderboard of the top players who redeem their rewards. If they miss a day, poof, they're gone from the leaderboards. Going off of what Bloop said, there should be a cap to the actual rewards you are receiving. Second, if it continues indefinitely, then every X number of days you should receive a special reward, such as a rare key on every server. Finally, although it sounds unfair, maybe a multiplier for the EXP gain based on what rank you have. Such examples would be: PLUS (1.05x), VIP (1.1x), RAIDER (1.15x), etc. It would be small gains so that it's not so overpowered. Other than my personal changes, I think the idea you've recommended would greatly benefit Becto.