KitPVP New Building Ideas.

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Xd Sliddde, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Xd Sliddde

    Xd Sliddde Member

    Hello Staff,
    I think your server needs an update.Yes just like Fortnite or any other online game.
    Not an update exactly but , improvements. First , I'd like to start off in contests. There should be a contest every now and then. Like a big contest of a grand prize of 10k but , everyone has to pay 100 to get in.The contests is about what you guys want it to be about.Something else is that right in front of the main exit out of Spawn about 20 meters away there should be a 6 by 10 Sniper Tower. Next , The Custom Enchants should be a little less rare. At Last , There should be a Dungeon Mission like thing where everyone who plays the most Becto gets a shot in the Dungeon and there reward is 20k. If you guys don't like this I get it..Also Kitpvp hasn't reset in awhile
  2. Xd Sliddde

    Xd Sliddde Member

    It would be very nice if you accepted my ideas.
  3. Lucas S.

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    First of all, theres a thread for this:

    10k on Kitpvp isn't that much. If it were to be a big competition it probably would be more like 100k or a different kind of prize, other than money. Please suggest what would be in that contest aswell.

    Lets not increase the amount of people spam bowing from vantage points.

    I Disagree if anything custom enchants should be a little more rare or kept the same.

    I disagree, kitpvp is not like the other gamemodes. You cannot build and theres not really a huge sense of adventure. Dungeons are something that would be, and are, implemented in a survival based world that has adventure. Kitpvp is a killing based server.