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    This is just a list of ideas that I had for factions to make playing it more enjoyable

    1. Make spawners ceggable and tntable for a chance of dropping (maybe 1/3 or 1/2 chance of dropping) or/and make them mineable in claims
    2. Either remove spawner picks or put them in /shop for 100k or so
    3. Make chests openable in claims
    4. Make sand not break on slabs/one specific slab

    Perms inside of a faction-
    1. Allow coleaders to manage /f owner (maybe make a perm in /f perms)
    - And allow coleaders to break inside f ownered claims if they have the perm
    2. Make /f unclaimall a separate permission from managing f claims
    3. add a permission for fence gates

    1. Add a cooldown after death for /back
    2. Make kit cooldown 1 day instead of 2

    If you would like clarification on my meaning for any of these, just ask