KitPVP FFA Video

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    I know you're already banned for cheating and this is old but come on, if you're gonna cheat dont make it so blatant.
    1:36, go to 0.25 speed you're literally hitting from way more than the normal distance but it's just making particles.
    3:22, you jump behind Foresaken and were again, getting particles and "hits" from way further than you should of and a few seconds later 3:25 that hit is just really sketchy.
    again at 3:26 right after you are getting hits from ridiculously far away and it's obvious you're using some type of reach modification.
    3:30 you were clicking but you couldn't hear any of your clicks but throughout the rest of the video you can hear them?
    3:46 you jumped on the side of the hill and were still hitting him, thats just way too far.
    5:05 speaks for its self, just slow it down thats obvious reach right there.
    I haven't bothered to watch the rest of this video but you could probably easily find way more evidence apart from the stuff i've listed above.