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  1. dean142

    dean142 Manager

    As stated in Alleh’s reply I told her not to. So would of been my fault if anything.
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  2. Ivy_Night

    Ivy_Night Well-Known Member

    Thank you a lot for commenting on my application, and thanks for the feedback!

    Hey Aaron, I appreciate you commenting on my application, and finally letting me know the full reason for my demotion. Truly, I'm happy to know, it just hurts a bit to know that it's so publicly. I don't mind people knowing, otherwise I'd have never reapplied and explained what I knew about my demotion, but right know I didn't exactly get a chance to fully process the complete reason for my demotion.

    Thank you, for replying, for the feedback, and for wishing me luck.

    I never said I'd be more active if I'm staff, I'm becomming more active in my future, with or without staff. I was around last year as well, and unless you were known under a different name back then and I knew you then, I still don't believe your comment on me being unknown to you holds much value. Your opinion is yours of course, it's just a little cru, saying you don't know me, and your excuse being you were known a year ago, when I didn't know you then either.

    If I’m reading it correctly your saying I’m lacking a motivation speech in the application and saying I have put more effort into my demotion message. I’d love to not dwell on my demotion, but my previous application is proof to me that I shouldn’t try to quickly go over my demotion instead of giving a more detailed explanation.

    I get that you're giving feedback with the best intentions, I do, and thank you for that, but giving less explaination or none at all on my demotion would do no good.
  3. Esthesia

    Esthesia Helper

    I was under a different name a year ago, thanks for the input though.

    All I'm saying is that since you've applied, and well before it, I (as well as many other players) have not seen you active. I'm not trying to insult you, tear you down, be condescending, or anything else to cause this hostility. If I didn't know you a year ago, then that's cool maybe we just didn't play the same part of the server. But now? You have multiple people saying you haven't been active recently and still haven't even after applying.

    Regarding the "motivation speech", I never asked you to write anything similar to that. All I'm saying is that I would've liked to have seen some solid information on you and why you are good for the team in comparison to why you got demoted and how you were ex staff. I don't want a cheesy speech or motivational pep talks, I want to know who you are as a person and why you would be a splendid fit for this team.

    If you had true intentions of becoming staff for the right reasons then the community would be seeing your activity skyrocketing in game, on forums, and on discord. Let me just note that most of your forum posts recently have only been on this thread, and I can't remember seeing you message in discord. Seems to me that your attitude is a "I'll be active when I'm staff".

    Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck.
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  4. TheDragonKillerz

    TheDragonKillerz Well-Known Member

    -1, all reasons stated above.

    Besides, rarely ever see you in game period. Never see you talk in chat.
  5. QuiteShallow

    QuiteShallow Manager

    Hey Ivy,

    While I do believe you would be an asset to the team in future I just do not think you are ready for a staffing position as of right now. Your activity across all platforms is just not what we'd expect from an applicant, and we cannot just take your word on it stating you will be active from here on out, Additionally you were not active for a few months meaning you will not know the current community and the little changes that took place on Becto. Your application is also not very descriptive and is based off the fact that you previously were a staff member.

    If you have any questions feel free to direct message me on discord.

    Feel free to re-apply in two months time

    Application Denied.
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