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    From time to time individuals will come to me asking what it is they should do regarding becoming a member of the staff team. More times than not these are those whom have already applied and have been denied for some rhyme or reason.

    I decided to finally place up an updated, 2019 guide as to what exactly it is Becto seems to be looking for in their present, and future staff.
    If you are wondering about my own credibility to create this thread, I would like to ease your mind.
    My name is Mild and I'm currently one of our Managers, I became a staff member back in October and I've fronted the process of accepting applicants for months even back when I was an admin.
    I have also done a number of things for the staff team as a whole - things I can not really explain publicly but be rest assured these things have come to help progress our own staff team!

    For your eyes' ease I will be using spoilers and compiling everything into sections. Feel free to skip, but keep in mind, this is a cumulative guide which means you should ensure to read everything.

    An application is basically a resume being sent to both the community and the current staff team to get a first impression of you.

    You need to ensure you answer all of the questions, include a picture of /lvl, and follow the format listed in the following thread.
    Do not make the mistake of titling the application with anything other than JUST YOUR IN GAME NAME. This is the most common mistake that applicants will do - and more than not, you WILL be rejected for not following directions.

    Click Me for the format and staff information thread. Try including some over all information about yourself and any type of experiences you may of had both over the internet and irl regarding taking charge and moderating.

    By checking the format thread that I linked above, you will see that there is indeed requirements to become a staff member. This can include age, time spent on the server, following the format, and mentality regarding patience and maturity.
    Remember, the Becto staff team are looking for cool headed individuals whom are considered mature and can handle situations swiftly and calmly. They need to have patience and the ability to work as a team member of a solid unit.

    There are a few things you should do before you try to apply to be a staff member.

    Try to play on all of the game-modes, and get 1 week + game time in /lvl.
    If you can not find yourself enjoying pvp game-modes such as factions, then just pop on for a bit and chat! Get to know that side of the community because you will need to moderate it from time to time as a staff member.

    Be active on discord, in the #support tab.
    Having an active presence on discord is something that staff members look for in applicants. Don't go out of your way to assert dominance on players and try to get them to stop being inappropriate or building a plot that you know is not within the rules - tag staff! Let them know what is going on, include the server, and they'll most certainly recognize you over time from your reporting.

    Get that real forum count up.
    Don't just wrack up posts - participate in threads that could be seen as debates, or questions. Try rating other applications but don't go over the top as it can be seen negatively. A great way to get involved in the community is to see current applicants and give your own two cents on their application and game progress. Staff members need to be active on the forums so if you only have 1 or 2 posts as an applicant, more than not you will be rejected. Remember to be active with report tickets too, especially grabbing hackers and uploading those videos to youtube. We love it when applicants have been around in the ticket system before hand and are familiar with the way it works. Imgur and youtube are your best friends, and so is back ground recording software.
    There are rare cases where activity on discord or the forums is over looked in trade for a simply amazing applicant that excels your average-jo application.

    An application is quite literally a written personification of your own personality. It needs to be neat and organized so that you come across as professional as possible.

    To achieve a well put together application you are going to want structure, organization, sections, and most of all; interest. Captivate your readers and ensure to give them exactly what it is you believe they may ask. Not everything is included on the format thread as a question, which leaves a bit of a unique twist to your own application. Go out of your own way and include questions that you believe the community or current staff may ask! Remember to not use just "yes" or "no" to some of these questions and do not just copy paste, as staff will know about this thread and do NOT take kindly to those whom copy and paste. Remember to just use black, or a dark font and go straight to the point. Don't sugar coat anything and just explain what it is you need to.

    Excessive fonts can be troubling on the eyes, and so can bright colors. Don't make these mistakes!

    Some examples of questions the community tends to look for are as following but not limited to:
    What made you want to become staff?

    Where do you see yourself in 6 months if you are still a member of the staff team?

    If you do not become staff now, will you stop playing Becto because of your own determination wavering?

    How well do you respond to constructive criticism?

    How are you with catching hackers? If you aren't good, will you be willing to learn and quickly?

    Have you ever encountered a challenge that you could not overcome yourself, and learned how to over come it later on through guidance?
    There are a few things that you should not do on your application itself, such as responding to comments in a negative way, including your own personal information such as your email, Instagram, or Youtube, (you can always message players privately after mentioning your success with these platforms!) or becoming too egotistical in your own past experiences.
    Remember to keep a calm head when doing your application and especially in the comments section. Don't argue with those whom place an opinion on your application, and if there is an issue be sure to ask Staff to intervene.

    Respond to questions but try to do so in 1 post. If you clutter your application it can look badly, and that's the last thing you want. All you have to do is click reply under each comment you want to reply to, and do so in 1 post. Just section each one off so that everyone that asked a question or had a concern will see it.

    There are so many applications that were accepted and applicants that were added to the Becto Team. If you check out the pending section of the staff applications, and glance over those - you will get a good example of what exactly Becto is looking for. Most of these are updated as the applicants were accepted for the team to begin with for reasons that continue to remain as things the Becto staff team needs.
    Here is the page for pending applications, take a look at them and familiarize yourself with what they did to succeed. Don't just copy and paste their applications as staff will find out - but use it as a guide to further your own unique application!
    Click me.


    Thanks for skimming over this guide and I truly hope it helps you on your own journey to becoming a staff member. I personally try to reach out to players and ensure they feel comfortable before submitting an application but I can't always be in everyone's dms doing that.

    Feel free to use this as a guide and refer to points along the way of making your own application! If you have any ideas to add onto this, feel free to place them below as far as what you are looking for in a staff member. Perhaps that alone can help an applicant succeed even more!

    Check this post back often for edits, and hopefully in the future, the pinned status!

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    Great post Mild. I hope some future applicants follow this guide, as it is very useful and very well put together.
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    Yes! What a great guide!
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    Great guide nicely written and organized I'll make sure to refer to it when I apply for staff. :) A few suggestions I would make is to color the links differently as the Grey blends in and to possibly pin this thread so it isn't hard for players to find over time. Anyways 10/10.
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  5. LillithxXxCloud

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    I've been waiting for an updated guide for staff applications! This is so wonderfully done and highlights the important parts of staff applications that most applicants are missing. Well done! <3
  6. shaqs_burritos

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    Great guide, well needed because 75% of the applications could be decent, but don't follow the simple format, which is a turn off point to giving a +1 to any application.
  7. Кровь

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    This is awesome.
    Thank you for posting this it was well written and will most definitely help those who read this apply for staff when they do.
    This covers basics and goes over more, and you are definitely the person who should post this, been accepted and has ton of forums experience and extremely active.
    Keep up the good work
    - Razra
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    This is a really useful thread for members who want to apply thank you mildsawss for taking your time out of your day to help out!