KitPVP Its about time we get some Movement in kitpvp.

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  1. below

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    Hey guys, i suck at this thread thingies so i a m just gonna get straight forward to some things that need to be brought up upon that me and the majority of the other kitpvp players have as suggestions. First of all a minor thing that would help alto would be another key that transfers 20 kill keys into 1 or however many. This is something that i am pretty sure almost everyone would want because like me and tons of other people, we have several stacks of kill keys and we are not intrigued enough by key openings to sit in a chair and hold the right click of a mouse for an hour. This would be a great addition to help us open keys more efficiently and faster.
    Another thing that is less so of a suggestion and more of an enforcement is the lack of staffing on kitpvp. I come to see at least 10 to 20 hackers on kit a day and as console helps its clearly not enough for them auto clickers and 4 block reachers. Its very annoying to not be able to obtain high dura gear when u are insetting Bhopped on from a hacker every 5 min. And for the past month or less i havent seen ever more than 3-4 staff on at a time for more than 30 min. I wanna give a shout out to VenomMayCherie for the best staff member on kit. She is the only staff member that is on daily for multiple hours monitoring to see for hackers. She does a great job and i and many other appreciate that. [this is a sign to u staff to up her rank ;-)]. But for all realness, one helper rank on kit is not enough to hand the mass amount of hackers. I personally think that becto needs more staff specialized in the kitpvp area.
    These are my two concerns atm, and id love to see other players opinions on what i have to say. If anyone has any criticism (negative or positive) please let me know! And if anyone has anything to add on to "The movement of kitpvp" then go on and say it. Thanks guys! <3
    (dont mind grammatical errors i do not got time to revise lmao)
  2. Felicette

    Felicette Manager

    staff do what they can, if you want to apply you can here: you can also report them in a ticket: or report them in #support on discord:

    being staff isn't easy and there's always going to be hackers in a pvp game.
  3. Warrior356

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    You're right the 'lack of staff' is hurting the kitpvp server i see it every day new player quit or get toxic cause of these hackers which ain't fair as Becto is trying to grow! @Felicette What you said makes a good point but some eviedence is hard to get as reach and kill aura you will need to be invisable plus the discord thing helps but if there is no one on what we gonna do? I try calling other staff from other server they do come but the player has already left which makes me mad cause they come agian and no one is on!

    (Also lets keep in mind that staff can't be on for 24 hrs)

    I know each staff member works very hard and for that I respect them !
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  4. AllyZally

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    Staff members do not insta ban hackers.

    The staff team members ARE REQUIRED to get solid evidence of someone doing a hack.
    This could take, depending on how often that person shows the "hacking" signs,
    anywhere between 30 seconds to 20 minutes of watching time.

    I've personally had to watch someone whom was using aim-bot for an hour before I finally slapped the ban hammer down.
    This was because when dealing with certain hacks, it can oddly look like the player is strafing and we don't want to false ban someone, of course.

    I understand your frustration, and appreciate your feedback, but remember we are required by our own staff management to ensure we gather enough, proper evidence before we slam that hammer down.

    As for activity, you never know when a staff member that you can't see is lurking, and silently watching....