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    Becto Staff Application

    1) What game-modes are you most active on?
    Skyblock would be the server I am most active on since I contribute all my time on the skyblock realm. I have played on the other servers at some point but skyblock has always had some sort of impact on my interests..

    2) How many hours a week can you contribute to Becto and do you have a job?

    I can contribute about 3-5 hours a day, with around 16 - 25 hours a week. I do have a part-time job in Retail, but I won't let that come in-between my staffing. I understand that if I do not propose enough time into Becto then my position may be terminated.

    3) What previous moderating experiences do you have?
    I actually owned a decently popular factions server for a year. It usually had around 100 players on at most times, sometimes on the weekends we'd even break into the high 200s. I learned from all those situations I'd been put through and I believe it's given me an extraordinary amount of knowledge when it comes to managing a server. I know how to deal with situations that nobody would ever dream of, but will in fact arise at some point in time. Operating a server is much harder than one would think, and I have the knowledge to help you get through the difficult problems. I've done it all. I've been everything from owner and co-owner all the way down to a simple trustee. No matter what my role is, I always put all of my effort into it. I will work as hard as I possibly can to enhance the experience and make sure everyone is having a great time.

    4) Why do you want to be staff on Becto?
    I’m applying on Becto because I really like helping people and bringing them joy and and smile on their faces, and because I easily have lots of experience than other people. I would like to help manage the community in a Staff Team role. I can help expand the server into way more than it is today, and I have the knowledge to do so as well. I really enjoy helping other players so this will be a great way to get to know the server as well! I'm a hard worker, with integrity and commitment.

    I finally have something to devote my time and work into, to notice it growing over time with my and other efforts! Whether I get into the staff team or not, I'll sure play on this server more. I have heard lots about Becto and really wanted to work for it! It just is an amazing opportunity that I definitely want to take and would enjoy to being a part of! I could not be any happier! I understand that I will need to remain professional, and I have the ability to do so since I have lots of experience in staffing. I mostly cover administrative roles as well.

    5) Describe, in detail, 3 things that distinguish you from other applicants?

    First of all, my first thing that distinguishes me from other applicants is my experience. I have lots of experience in both managing a server and staffing for one. I have gone through multiple paths that I have had to take for risky situations. I have played Minecraft for over 5 years now, and I understand all of the aspects of it.
    I try and be very open minded and try to persevere through tough times. I work my heart out and put the most amount of effort into what I do, and I know when I start something I have to finish it. I am a very driven individual apart from other candidates who might not have a drive like me. I also think before I do things which some other people have a problem with.
    Lastly, I am understanding. I listen to my co-workers and I make sure I hear both sides to a problem when a problem occurs. I then make sure to get them out of it and maintain a calm situation. This can happen due to multiple ways, and I have experience in dealing with staff/player related problems as well.

    6) Outline, in detail, 2 strengths and weaknesses you have.
    My strengths are that I am determined. Like I said, once I start something I know I need to finish it. I cannot leave one person hanging to just do the job, and equal teamwork is required from everyone.
    Another strength of mine is that I am experienced in the field of configurations which means I can help the server in any aspect of plugin work. I have mainly contacts with youtubers which will bring you many players to the server..
    My weaknesses are frustration and impatience, however, I am working on both of them and I am getting better and controlling my weaknesses. My frustration kicks in whenever something isn't done right, but I try to improve it.

    7) What sort of personal skills do you think you can apply to Becto?
    Some personal skills that I can bring to Becto would be my Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Knowledge of Skills. I know how to figure out and solve tough situations because I have been put through a lot of situations.

    8-) Explain a little bit about yourself?

    Firstly I would like to start by introduce myself to the community. My name is Caleb and I am currently 17 years old. I will be 18 this week on the 27th of march I currently have a part-time job working in the retail business... In my spare time I enjoy playing becto and grinding up my island level and making those mob grinders.

    I personally have a interested in AFL (Australia Football) it just interesting to watch and it has always spared my passion inside of me.. The semi finals and grand finals are the most exciting parts to see what time wins the whole game each year..

    I would like to personally thank everyone for reading my application and I hope it is good enough for the community.. I would love to help out on becto and suggest some great ideas for the players. I am always active and I always listen to the community so make sure to contact me if I become staff member!!

    Kind Regards

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    Beautiful application but...

    No forum or Discord activity. Only 5 days of playtime. To be part of the staff, you have to play all gamemodes ex. survival, kitpvp or etc. Also, get to know Becto players. Work on that and you'll have a chance.

  4. IOrb

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    Thank you for your opinion theirs always time for improvements I am willing to learn more about becto.
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    Hi, iPulsive

    Small slip, however i'll still take a look at your full application. ★

    Your application is well written and very detailed, which always helps you and gives you that little boost you need. ^_^
    Being part of the staff-team means you have to be active on every gamemode, which means you'll have to spend less time on your favorite gamemode, do you think that's gonna be a problem? ★

    You keep bringing up how you can handle tough situations, can you define 'tough situations' or give a small example of those situations? ★

    Your applications looks promising, however you have a BIG lack of forum, discord & in-game time. (you're probably new)
    I wish you all the best on your application, however i don't think it'll be accepted due the lack of activity. ★

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    Being staff member on any given server means you put all your time / dedication into all servers on the network.
    There will be no issue at all with me going around checking all servers to make sure everyone is having a fun / good time.

    If I am needed for any given situation on any game-mode on becto I will assist everyone equally..

    "Tough Situations" I will define some examples for you..

    1) I have been in many tough issues such as server performance meaning dedicated servers not functioning as well as they should be. This is hard to fix but you will need to find the right system admin to fix these given issues.. It can very from the lack of ram, lack of cores or even IPTables or even more..

    2) Players fighting / abusing staff is another touch situation were you have to make sure you are reading /taking the situation in to account.. Meaning you evaluate every aspect of the situation trying to get the best solutions..
  7. Peep

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    What are some of those situations that “no would ever dream of”?
  8. Peep

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    No one*
  9. Dreamwreath_

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    Your application is good, but your playtime, forums, and discord activity are all low. My first encounter with you wasn't too great, you told me not to ping staff in the discord when I was reporting a player for breaking the rules. You clearly do not have enough experience to be staff on this server, I suggest you play on the server more and wait before you make another application.

  10. Peep

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    The fact that you didn't follow the most simple instruction is concerning. Anyways, I have never seen you online, and that is probably because you only play skyblock. I recommend you expand the gamemodes you play on, and make sure you have the knowledge and ability to help any player on any gamemode. Also, you only have 5 days of playtime. That is very low. I recommend you stay on the server a little longer, and like I just said, expand your knowledge about the gamemodes.
    In your application, you talk more about you owning a server than anything. Instead of talking about your server managing experience, talk about your moderation experience that actually applies in this situation. Because right now, it sounds like you are applying for manager. You say you have all this experience know one else has, and have been through situations no one else has, but you don't even explain what they are. I would like to see you explain these situations and what super special experiences you have. I want to know if you can handle toxic situations, and have experience with cheaters.
    Also, you not active on the forums or discord. The only time I've seen you on discord is when you told someone not to tag staff when it was the appropriate time to tag staff. You need to learn how our discord server works, and the forums. Like, you don't even have your account linked.

    I recommend you improve your application, play longer and prove your claimed weekly playtime. -1
  11. TheDragonKillerz

    Good afternoon IOrb, First things first, I like the format of the application. But, I have to point out some flaws.

    - You have ownership experience, staffing experience, and contacts with many youtubers. I would like you to back these claims up.
    - Simple mistake on the title, but still needs to be addressed. It should only be your in-game name.
    - You have been offline for 15 hours, which is fine, but you have only gained 1 hour playtime when you claim 3-5 a day.
    - Forum activities are very low.
    - You only have 29 messages on Discord.

    To be honest, you need to work on overall activities on all of the platforms that Becto utilizes. Also, please as stated before, back up your staffing experience with names of servers, how you can deal with situations never even dreamt of, and you should link your Minecraft account. It's very confusing that you signed off as "iPulsive" but your in-game name is IOrb.

    I'm sorry but I'm going to have to give you a -1 for now, I believe this application needs more length, and you need more overall contribution to the server. If you enjoy the server so much, it would be very helpful to bring the youtubers here, and not wait until if you got staff. Nonetheless, good luck and have a great rest of your night.
  12. Wesley_Snipezz

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    [​IMG]I would give this application a +1, but i have to agree with Makeb and Peep..
    Very nicely done on the application but the forum and discord time is kind of low :-(.
    I hope you do spend more time in the forums, discord and other gamemodes and try again when you feel like you have spent enough time.. :)

    Good luck!

  13. IOrb

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    Thank you very much..

    I have put more time into becto including checking other gamemodes out :-D
  14. Meddi

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    Can you respond to everyone else?
  15. 10scorpion19

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    I don't really have much to say since it has already been spoken, your application looks good, but your playtime on the server is not good, I have never seen you on the discord, and reading this, you have posted a total of 9 messages, so you should really up that number too. -1
  16. Juleah

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    low play time, no discord/forums activity, and couldn’t follow the simple instructions of what to name your application.
  17. uhsleep

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    Your app itself is actually nice and I really hoped you'd be a good applicant, although you failed to follow the format regarding the title of the thread. You didn't bother replying to people asking you questions but only to replies that wouldn't take much effort to reply to.

    I've never seen you in game, I just checked your play time as of right now (March 31st), it has barely moved and you haven't been online in nearly 3 days,

    You haven't bothered to work on your forums or Discord activity after saying you're willing to learn more about Becto and improve. You have 36 messages sent in the Becto Discord and haven't messaged there since the 23rd, -1
  18. Relyinq

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    If you're able to contribute 16-25 hours per week, then how is your playtime only 5 days? -1
  19. shaqs_burritos

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    If they have only been on the server a month or two, this does check out. -1 for reasons stated above, you will be a quality applicant if you choose to reapply.
  20. Obi-Wan

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    I believe it was stated above but the time you say you are able to dedicate and the actual time you dedicate do not match or add up. You were last seen on the forums 5 days ago and were last seen in game 5 days ago which again contradicts what you say on your application. However, I must commend you for your application, it's very well written despite not following the format and your experience is just great.