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  • Information on reporting bugs & issues

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    Jan 25, 2016
    If you come across a bug or issue on the server you should report it by posting a thread here.

    Find all of our Trello boards at any time at: https://trello.com/becto
    Find the Bugs & Issues Trello board at: https://trello.com/b/KJlFwphH/

    In this thread you can find everything you need to know in order to report any bugs or issues. Please ensure you have read this entire thread before you report any bugs, we’ll try to keep it simple!

    Staff will be making a note of the bug and/or issue reports being made on the forums or tickets onto our public Trello board. This makes sure that both the community and the staff team are aware and then the Senior Staff team can start working on a fix for the issues as soon as they can. The community can also see real-time progress of the issues on our Trello and any comments made on the issue by other staff members.

    NOTE: For any abusable/sensitive bug or issue, please do not make a public report. Report them directly in a staff member’s PM on Discord. If you are caught abusing a bug or issue and you have not told a staff member about it, you risk being banned permanently from Becto.

    There are multiple sections in our Trello board.

    The main section contains the different gamemodes we run. This is used so we can file the reports to the specific server as necessary.

    There is also a Needs Testing section, which will contain the reports which senior staff should have fixed, however needs some testing to ensure they are fixed. Players can help with testing if given permission.

    Finally there is a Can’t fix/Needs Dev section, where reports will be moved there if we can’t fix ourselves or we need an external developer to fix for us.

    Find the Bugs & Issues Trello board at: https://trello.com/b/KJlFwphH/

    Report Layout
    It would be recommended to follow this layout, to ensure we can make a note of it efficiently:
    • Thread Title: Summary of the bug
    • Server Name:
    • Description of Issue:
    • Steps to reproduce (if known): Try to list things you know may cause the issue to take place.

    An example is made below:
    • Thread Title: 'null' spamming chat when I try break blocks.
    • Server Name: Survival
    • Description of Issue: Prints “null” in the chat, doesn’t let me break blocks too. Usually a staff member has to restart the server to fix it.
    • Steps to reproduce : Maybe by switching between Creative mode and Survival mode quickly.

    The Process
    This will be the general process for which every bug and/or issue will be handled:
    • Stage 1: This is where the bug/issue report is made by the player (Posted on the forum);
    • Stage 2: A staff member will acknowledge the report made, and will transfer the relevant details to the appropriate Trello board;
    • Stage 3: A senior staff member (Admin or higher) will review the report made, and work on it as necessary;
    • Stage 4: Once the senior staff member thinks the issue is fixed, it will be moved to the “Needs Testing” section;
    • Stage 5: If the issue has been fixed, and the tests have been successful, it will be archived with a comment saying it has been fixed. If the tests have not been successful, the senior staff will look into it further.

    Depending on the type of bug and how game-breaking the bug is, will determine what your reward for reporting the bug is.

    Rewards range from 100 to 1500 gems ($1 to $15), and may differ for each report.

    The senior staff member will decide what reward is appropriate for the reported bug, after it has been fixed.
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