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    Jan 25, 2016
    If you wish to post a suggestion you should open a thread here.

    Find all of our Trello boards at any time at: https://trello.com/becto
    Find the Suggestions Trello board at: https://trello.com/b/BMMVmFNk

    In this thread you can find everything you need to know in order to provide suggestions. Please ensure you have read this entire thread before you try to make any suggestions!

    Staff will be making a note of your suggestions on our public Trello board. This makes sure that both the community and the staff team are aware and then the Senior Staff team can start working on implementing the suggestions. The community can also see real-time progress of the suggestions and any comments made on the suggestion by other staff members.

    There are multiple sections in our Trello board.

    The main section contains the different gamemodes we run. This is used so we can file the suggestions to the specific server as necessary.

    There is also a Will be implemented section, which will contain the suggestions that have been implemented.

    Finally there is a Won’t be implemented section, where suggestions that we won’t or can’t implement will go. These may be due to multiple reasons, and those reasons will be listed in the comments of the suggestion.

    Find the Suggestions Trello board at: https://trello.com/b/BMMVmFNk

    The Process
    This will be the general process for which every suggestion made will be handled:
    • Stage 1: This is where the suggestion is made by the player (Posted on the forum);
    • Stage 2: Players and staff now have a chance to discuss the suggestion;
    • Stage 3: If the suggestion viable, a staff member will move the thread to 'Pending suggestions' and add the details to the Trello board. Players can keep track of the suggestion on the Trello board;
    • Stage 4: A senior staff member (Admin or higher) will review the suggestion made, and work on it if approved;
    • Stage 5: If the senior staff member implements it, the suggestion will be moved to the “Will be Implemented” section. If not, it will be moved to “Won’t be implemented”.

    Note: if you post a larger thread of suggestion or a list of multiple suggestions/feature requests be aware that it can take a longer time to get added to the Trello board and/or get implemented to the server as the suggestions will first be discussed within the team. We will always try to give a breakdown response to your (large) suggestion post with insights. We recommend posting suggestions in separate threads instead of one large thread to speed up the process.
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