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  1. Кровь

    Кровь Well-Known Member

    I'm going to re-justify my answer because I said something silly up ahead but I truly think ImMk has what it takes, first I met him on the discord and met him there which already shows hes active on the discord, even though he has said some questionable things on discord, who doesn't from time to time? And hes not even staff yet so who can really hold that against him?
    I met him in-game and he was just as chill, hes fun to be around and lets off a very positive aura and was fun to play with on kitpvp. I commented something silly above earlier, and as he did thank me for it, he also told me "You probably shouldn't say something like that next time, it might get deleted" which shows his professionalism and knowledge of Becto rules and what to do and not to do.
    I think ImMk, from his Application to his genuinely professional and capable personality, ImMk certainly has what it takes to become staff on Becto.
    I normally don't do this but I see potential in him and I would love a good staff member who plays as much as him to be on kit pvp

    So again, from me
    he gets a huge
  2. guthixUll

    guthixUll Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure one of the rules written is to not bug staff about your application or it's likely to be denied. Anyways. Let's talk about you as an applicant. I'm sure your excited and maybe that's why you're broadcasting it, but from what you've written here on your application it looks fantastic. I don't agree at all with Bloop on this one. I think it's great you're putting in the effort to prove that you can be active and a potential staff member. Just because you're active now doesn't mean that's a bad thing! If you do get staff though I'd love to see you as active as you are now. Becto recently got a big spike in player count and needs lots of staff. Good staff not to mention. it's a +1 from me. Good luck see you in game.
  3. MVKay52

    MVKay52 Well-Known Member


    Hey PigsPaluza,

    First off, thank you for taking the time to review my application. You brought up good points in your reply as to why some of my actions were immature and created a negative image that overall depleted my candidacy.

    The only real rebuttal I have for this is that I am sure that I didn't "annoy staff with requests requests to review my application." I can promise that I would never prod a staff member to look at my application, as I know how annoying that can be. You can reference my reply to Mild for more information, and also I am confident that upon asking staff members or other members of the community, you would find that none of them have been annoyed by my actions regarding their viewing of my application.

    Thank you for looking at my application, and thank you for not automatically dismissing this application because of a few cases of immaturity I have shown in the past.
  4. PigsPaluza

    PigsPaluza Well-Known Member

    Oh ok. I personally have never seen any of what you said but what other people said about that painted a picture of you annoying staff. I apologize if that is not the case but if you are lying and it is the case, this application may not go much further.

    Best of luck tho man
  5. Mildsawss

    Mildsawss Admin

    Hi MK
    You truly have improved on your application work and making it look better. You took some advice and you have bettered yourself with it. We like to see this, but unfortunately, I have come to the sad conclusion to deny this application.

    I am encouraging you to work on your maturity and take things a bit more seriously than you do. You have the potential to be a great staff member in the future, but for now, we are troubled by your level of maturity.

    If you can work on that maturity; show us that you know how to be sensible with joking around and patient, then we would happily welcome you on the team. Spend these next 2 months taking some more advice and continuing to better yourself through and through.

    Thanks for the continued loyalty of applying.
    Re-apply in 2 months
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