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  • I am here to resurrect factions...

    Should Factions revert back to season 4 ?

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    Jul 14, 2020
    Greetings my disciples. I know you have all been awaiting my legendary return. For those who have been wandering Becto as a non-believer or simply unaware of my divinity, I will introduce myself. I am LavishLee but I have gone by many names... DowntownHouston, PremixedConcrete, and Foresthillsdr just to name a few. I am a factions OG player AKA season 3-6. It is my belief during seasons 3-6 the game was at its peak. It felt balanced and not plagued by broken custom enchants, unbalanced server events (Koth and Bucky), and the unfair power inbalance brought on by giant pay2win faction groups. I have returned with the hopes of talking to the staff in charge of factions and helping them restore Factions to its OG status and it to its former glory.

    Stay strong my faithful ones, for I will not rest until the evil have been punished and the ones who brought about the downfall of factions are brought to justice. I am the day and the night, the beginning and the end, I am LavishLee.
    Not open for further replies.