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  • Hub Update


    Jan 25, 2016

    Hello everyone!

    Our staff members have been hard at work alongside a fantastic team of builders to bring you a beautiful change to Becto: a complete rework of the hub, including a gorgeous new fantasy theme and individual island designs. Within this intricate new map, you will discover new parkour paths, a load of secret areas and treasures to uncover, and an overall fantastic new area to explore. Of course, all daily reward NPCs have found new homes throughout the map for you to search for and continue to collect!

    New minigame...
    With this new map we have released a small new minigame that you can play on the hub: Challenge Parkour. Try it out now by clicking the NPC in the hub or selecting the mode by typing /parkour. Additionally, we have removed all 'extra' hubs and now only have one main hub, instead of 4 so it's a more 'central' place.

    While we have put a lot of time and effort into making sure there are no issues in this updated map, please do let us know if you find any. As always, you can report these by making a post at this link: https://becto.net/report-issues/ - we will be sure to fix such issues as soon as possible.

    Our old hub has served us well for a very long time, but we truly hope that you love the new design as much as we do!

    Kind regards,
    The Becto staff team
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