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  • How to report a player


    Staff Team
    Jan 27, 2016
    How to report a player
    You can report a player by opening a ticket on the Becto Discord. (becto.net/discord)

    When you report a player make sure to include the reason for report in the ticket.

    What is proof?
    Proof is something you use as evidence for your claims. If you say a player is hacking, we can't just impulsively jump to the conclusion that the player is, and ban them "just because you said so". Proof is what you stand on. These can be either screenshots or videos uploaded to youtube. For claims against things like scamming, griefing, and spamming, screenshots may often be sufficient. For claims against hackers, we require unedited video evidence of the player hacking preferably with a normal FOV.​
    Picture proof
    Screenshots can also tell a great deal about what is going on. These are often used for chat-based reports. Screenshots must contain your FULL Minecraft window. Do not crop the screenshot to just one line of chat, as it's definitely not enough evidence for anything. Do not edit the screenshot either. Don't make it smaller, bigger, more colourful, or block out anything. We only care about the raw screenshot, or your report will most likely not be accepted.​
    For these, we recommend you take screenshots with the Minecraft screenshot key, and upload the pictures to a image sharing website (Like imgur), and share it with us from there.​
    You can upload images by uploading your image to imgur.com and including that link in the 'proof' section.​
    Video proof
    Video proof is probably one of the best sources of evidence. Primarily used against hackers, it shows us pretty much everything going on. When making a video proof, it is expected that it is at least 15 seconds long, with clear, concise evidence of whatever it is you are reporting. Videos are also expected to not be edited in any way. Don't slow it down, speed it up, add pretty light effects, or whatever. Just a simple video post will suffice.​
    You can upload your video to a video hosting website such as youtube.com and include the URL to your video in the 'Proof' section.​
    When your video proof is longer than 60 seconds you should provide time frames in your report so our staff does not have to watch a 60 minute video to figure out what is happening.​
    What are reasons to report?
    • Spamming or advertising
      • Hacking or exploiting bugs/glitches
      • Flaming, Profanity or provoking
      • Disruptive behaviour
    What are things you should NOT report?
    • One line of chat
      • "He called me fat" scenarios
      • We were "teaming up" and he betrayed me scenarios
      • "I did something dumb and someone used it to their advantage" scenarios
    The reason you shouldn't report one line of chat is because we do not know what else has been going on, someone might say something out of frustration or react to something you (the reporter) has done, we want to know the full story before we take any action so we do not accept a report that is just about one line of chat.​

    Reporting doesn't make you a bad person. If someone has done something legitimately wrong, you're doing everyone a favor by reporting them, so that the staff may deal with them.
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