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    Hello! Below is a guide to all the ropes of Becto's skyblock server, including tips for profit shops, dailies, and /is top. Please enjoy and feel free to leave any feedback! :)


    『 basic info 』

    The basic island size is 100x100. With VETERAN and INVADER ranks, it is 125x125, and with GOD, it is 150x150.

    Anything sold on /ah removes $50 from your balance. So if you sell something for $100, you will only make $50 from the sale. If you’re selling something very cheap, I’d suggest selling it straight to the buyer by having them do /pay [your IGN] and giving them the item so you don’t lose any money.

    If you have 20 Vote Crate Keys, do /swapkeys! It will combine all 20 into a Mystic Crate Key so you only have to open one crate.

    When your /is level reaches 50, you can place down a WELCOME sign! This allows other players to visit your island by doing /is warp [your IGN]. All you have to do to set this warp is place a sign with the top row of text set as “[WELCOME]”.

    『 profit shops 』

    In order to pumpkin profit, purchase or harvest 9 stacks (576) of pumpkins, and craft them all into seeds. This should completely fill your inventory. Then, do /shop, click the Materials section (stick), the pumpkin seeds, and then the bucket to sell all of the seeds in your inventory.

    Below is an example of an automatic pumpkin farm. Pistons are not available on /shop, so all pistons/sticky pistons must be crafted or bought from another player. On a larger scale with a collection system below it (including packed ice, water, and hoppers), you can make a ton of money, and really quickly too!


    If you’d rather use a profit shop instead of your own farm, here are some suggestions of pumpkin profit shops to use on Becto:

    /is warp HBEMeister
    /is warp KyleAFK
    /is warp Caslawter
    /is warp Klintan96

    For a higher amount of profit, I’d suggest using iron profit shops. My personal favourites are:

    /is warp 7fishy7
    /is warp sneakret_sh
    /is warp Vindigo
    /is warp auns

    『 dailies 』

    After collecting all of your daily items from /warp daily, you can either keep them and use them to expand your island OR you can sell them to earn quite a bit of money at /is warp merryvicmas or /is warp EmTae820

    You can sell most of the supplies from /kit farming at /is warp merryvicmas.

    You can also do /kit keys every day and sell the common and uncommon keys at /is warp EmTae820.

    『 prismarine & /is top 』

    Prismarine raises your island level more than any other block, and there is no limit to how much of it you can place! It raises your island about 7 levels per stack. It adds up really quickly, and when you have a ton of it placed, it can even get you on /is top, which is the top 10 highest leveled islands on the server. Currently, the /is top ranges from 260k (househipster) to 67k (GalaxyFame303).

    『 Let me know if you’d like some more tips or if these were helpful for you! 』
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    Doesn't help a OG like me but probably helps new players
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    The point of this guide is for people new to skyblock. Also Vic is just trying to give them info before they start and I think this is a amazing in my opinion and there are facts there that I didn’t even know so this really good.
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    This is really helpful Vic!
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    This is very helpful for new players Vic, Can you add a section about the dungeons and stuff? Etc, What to bring, How much health sneak has and more?