Skyblock Giving lategame skyblock players a purpose.

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Preox1000, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Preox1000

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    Intro: For many players who has reached a certain point in skyblock there is not much to do. They already have all the money they could ever want or they already have the maxed gear they dreamt of at the beginning of their adventure.

    My Suggestion: Some time ago (actually pretty long time ago) you added the dungeon for battling Sneak, a cobblethrowing boss that most new players have a hard time dealing with. However it has become way too easy to kill it for lategame players and I would like (and hope that others do too) a new boss more directed at lategame players to give their almighty gear a purpose other than just own. Something that has better rewards and at the same time is a lot more difficult.

    This in would probably give more lategame players something to do other than just AFK all the time for their farms.

    Conclusion: I would like to suggest to add a new boss to the Skyblock server to improve the gameplay for primarily lategame players.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion and I hope to see all replies.

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  2. shaqs_burritos

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    Seems like a good idea to me, I would really like another boss to be added as well. As to your point of top players only afking farms, that is what you are supposed to do. Build big farm, afk big farm, rake in money.
  3. Eptak

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    Good idea, most of the experienced/old players are mostly afking at their farms so adding a new boss would definitely create some challenge.
  4. Bloopaloop

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    The problem with skyblock and other gamemodes of it's type is there's always a point in which progression is done or boring. The maxed out gear you obtained is what makes Sneak so easy when compared to newer players and it's not exactly fair to add in a new boss that is on such a high difficultly level that you need maxed out end game gear. Do I think a new boss should be added? The answer is yes but only with a full reset like survival and not over tuned. I'm not for appeasing the minority to hurt the majority. I'd also like to point out that skyblock is unlike the other servers in the sense that it's a game mode made to farm from the ground up. To add to this because of the extremely peaceful nature of skyblock it being the lowest in pvp activity is not surprising but because of this you have all the sneak gear and enchant tokens building up with no active place for it to be used so of course you're going to stack up crazy amounts of gear.

    TLDR: Yes to boss but not over tuned to cater to a minority and only should be added with the next big update.
  5. Preox1000

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    I understand what you are saying and that was not my intention (that you would need max gear to defeat it). It would also from my point of view not hurt the majority (but I might have missed something) either since the items would eventually get sold to other players aswell making them as common as Sneak gear is today. I also know that Skyblock is supposed to be a grindy mode (similar to Prison in that way) however that does not mean it should be almost boring to actually reach the end game.

    Thank you for taking your time to reply and as usual your replies are very educational and true Bloopaloop.

    (Also thank you Eptak and shaqs_burritos for replying.)
  6. Cibr

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    I agree with with @Bloopaloop i think there should definitely be another Boss added but not just for one demographic, in that case for the “endgame” players, and I also agree with the part it should come with a Skyblock reset.
    Afking farms is what part of Skyblock is even for early game players also, not just endgame.
    So new Boss at a reset in which you don’t need max armor or weapons to defeat, maybe a little harder that’s a little more rewarding than than the Sneaky Boss.