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Would this make the server more active, less p2w, and make some players who quit come back?

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  1. shaqs_burritos

    shaqs_burritos Well-Known Member

    I have a crazy suggestion, which design properly could have a ton of players actually playing for better gear to help combat p2w players, and create a more competitive aspect to the server. I want to go through a couple of gamemodes that could benefit from this:
    1) Prison:
    Every half hour have a "horse that spawns in in a pvp zone, warp pvp if that mine was big enough, with 50 or so zombies with armor and increased health and damage dealt. These zombies when killed could drop junk, such as 8x regular golden apples, or at a low % chance drop something as rare as a spawner, or a custom enchants piece of armor. These hordes every half hour would encourage players to be online during these times, to get possible better gear. On the hour, I propose that 100 mobs with higher health spawn in, and give somewhat high % to give better rewards. These things would give players more events, and be less p2w.
    2) Factions:
    A similar thing to factions, except that instead of zombie mobs, envoys that can be claimed, which can be in a sizable warzone area. These envoys can be spawned in on the hour, and can have similar rewards to prison, armor, regular golden apples, spawners, tnt, creeper eggs, or obsidian. Every 4 hours, I propose a rarer event, which could be randomly chosen from the 3 that I provide as examples:
    A pit of doom: a pvp pit, with a chest that can be unlocked 5 minutes after the chat message, and the more players killed in that pvp pit, would determine how good the reward would be for the lucky player who opened the chest.
    A boss mob: ( rarest of the 3)
    This boss mob could have a ton of health, ex 2000, and would create a scoreboard on the side of every players screen that showed a leader board of how much damage a player did to the mob in % form. The 3 players that did the most damage would get a very good reward, and the next. 7 players ( top 10) would get a decent reward, and any player that did damage to the mob gets a reward that may or may not be worth what they got when they jumped in to attack the mob.
    A huge gapple pvp fight:
    As many players who wished to participate could join this, and all of them would be given 2 sets of armor, some strength and speed potions, and a stack of gapples. The players names would be blurred as a small feature to prevent mass teaming and make it a little more fair. Of course some factions could all join a call and figure out who was who, but blurring names would still level the playing ground somewhat. The top 10 players in this pvp event would receive a reward, tiered by how good they ranked in the top 10.

    These are the crazy long suggestions I have for pvp oriented servers (excluding kitpvp)
    Please comment below!
  2. Dartino15

    Dartino15 Mod

    Regarding prison, I bet that the well kitted-out players would still take part in those events, therefore decreasing the chance of regular players receiving such drops. This would make it more "p2w" in my eyes.
  3. shaqs_burritos

    shaqs_burritos Well-Known Member

    (In prison) Yes, but this would be another way it is possible for non p2w players to get stuff. True, p2w players might get more stuff, but non p2w players could also get stuff, and possible good enough stuff to defeat a p2w player. If sentimental is changed on prison like it has been on factions, I think we will see all the p2w players who might not be as good at pvp, lose their armor quickly with sentimental not being a sure thing to keep your gear. This would distribute out the p2w armor somemore than it already would be, with the opportunity to get some p5 or p6 from the events, which could possibly match the store sets.
  4. 7fishy7

    7fishy7 Well-Known Member

    This just seems like a way for stacked players to farm more and more gear. As the stakced players usually team anyways, this would cause them to just get more and more loot. You said every half hour. Thats insanely short amount if time and would just cause a rapid progression by stacked players, while those who arent good. Will never be able to catch up. -1