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    I have a few different ideas about factions, and how it could be improved
    Remove gapples and add pots as the way to keep yourself alive: doing this would make p7 worth it to buy in the store, instead of stacking up on p4u3, having a god weapon, and grinding mcmmo. I believe this would make factions better and have better Pvp fights.
    Create a leveling system, to eventually buy some of the rarest spawners in the game:
    This idea is not going to go over well, but I think if you could buy creepers or blazes, it would make this an important part of factions
    Start with level 1
    Kill 1,000 Chickens
    *Chickens sold for 30k at a shop at spawn*
    Level 2
    Kill 1,500 Pigs
    Kill 2 players while Koth is active
    *Pigs sold for 50k at a shop*
    Level 3
    Kill 2,000 Sheep
    Kill 5 players while Koth is active
    *Sheep for 70k at a shop*
    Level 4
    Kill 2,500 cows
    Kill 10 players while Koth is active
    *Cows for 100k at a shop*
    Level 5
    Kill 5,000 in total of the following:
    Skeletons, Zombies, and Cave Spiders or Spiders
    Reward: Access to Blazes at /shop for a determined price, cheap enough to make it worth it to grind the levels, and in quantity too
    Pvp Events
    Level 1 (Pvp Events)
    Kill 2 players during envoys
    Kill 5 players when Koth is active
    Level 2
    Kill 5 players during envoys
    Kill 10 players while Koth is active
    Level 3
    Kill 10 players during envoys
    Kill 25 players when Koth is active
    Reward: Access to creepers at shop for a determined price
    Koth kills must have at least 1 piece of armor on to count as a kill

    Ability to buy /fly on factions for 15$ on the becto store, believe only gods get fly, so for those with say plus who can't afford god, they can still get fly

    Hope these ideas get some feedback, again, these are only suggestions!
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    Idk I'm not sure that this is the issue the issue is that people are just not enjoying Minecraft as much anymore, all though I do think this suggestion is quite interesting. I feel like there needs to be a better way to advertise the server but of course it costs money and like Bas has talked about Youtubers charge thousands of thousands of dollars to upload a video on a server one time. So I'm just kinda lost at what's best for the server rn.
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    What makes good factions (imo)
    Small twists
    Pvp events
    50+ stable player count
    Shorter seasons
    Active staff* Not meant to be a shot towards staff
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    I like everything about this but Pot PvP. Pot PvP simply doesn't fit Becto because it would be too fast paced, and the player base isn't very competitive.