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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Nestastic, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Nestastic

    Nestastic Well-Known Member

    These are some suggestions that I would like to see implemented in Factions. I feel that these suggestions would make Factions a lot more enjoyable.

    Ender Pearls

    Since ender pearls are disabled in other factions claims, doing anything near other land is impossible. Pearling away, towards, or on top of a claim is not possible. This makes it very difficult to get out of traps, raid, or explore an enemy claimed base. I understand this is just done to prevent glitchers, but I'm sure there are much better ways than this, opposed to just ruining pearling.

    /fly in Ally land

    In /f perms, I think there should be a way to enable letting allies fly in your claims. This would be useful because it's often allies would try to help a faction defend bases from raiders, but are limited due to their inability to /fly in that land. Betraying and insiding is also a big part of factions, and /fly in ally land could help players betray their allies.

    Creeper Explosive Damage creeper aw man

    Since Creeper exploding damage has been nerfed, they've been rendered almost useless. They barely break blocks now, and are hard to use in raids. Not to mention, Creeper eggs are pricey and rare, and since they're hard to get, its a shame to see they don't even do much.
  2. BorderPlayz

    BorderPlayz Banned

    +1 to everything, especially pearls.
  3. Bloopaloop

    Bloopaloop Well-Known Member

    I agree with everything except for the ability to fly in allied lands. If that was allowed it would make alliances with a large amount of donator's too strong. The argument that it's a double edged sword and can be used to also betray the ally while true the benefits gained from using /fly to betray is far less when compared to the benefits you gain from having an ally help protect your base or in any positive manor. +1 to everything else though, good suggestion.
  4. Ralph12322

    Ralph12322 Well-Known Member

    I agree with the creeper part but the /fly in ally claims isn't a good idea imo
    if a base raider wants to join an enemy base and quickly joins an ally to use the benefits of /fly at the base he wants to raid it will be too OP to wither raid and the defenders who arent mod or able to enemy the attacker(s) while they can just fly in their claims.

    so -1 for that